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Heating as a Service

Twice the annual energy consumption of the entire Bitcoin network is used by residential electric heating in Canada. Exploiting this heat byproduct for domestic and commercial purposes can be one of the most environmentally friendly forms of computing.

Our projects are compatible with the majority of municipal, provincial and federal governments. For example, your site will probably not require more than 50kW, which will make your project compatible with the Hydro-Québec moratorium.


Our Bitcoin mining projects are fully optimized for the environment. We convert energy lost during heating into energy that also powers the world's most powerful blockchain.


Rather than endowing Quebec with thousands of such machines, D-Central is contributing to the decentralization of Bitcoin by helping tomorrow's businesses participate in the exploitation of Bitcoin.

Renewable energy

Virtually all the electricity distributed by its customers to Hydro-Québec comes from renewable resources, which means that there is little or no greenhouse gas emissions.

Pay a fixed monthly fee for support and uptime of the mining rigs.

You win all the winnings generated by your activities. You heat 24/24, mine and earn money 24/24. You need only 8 hours of coverage a day, you only drive equipment during these hours. You completely control your destiny. No scam.

Give our solution a try!

Bitcoin mining is here to stay. Some people criticize the energy consumption needed to protect the integrity of Bitcoin. We want to show the world that there are effective ways to exploit Bitcoin without endangering our environment. We can not ignore the importance of Bitcoin and want to contribute to it while limiting the negative externalities that can come from the movement. The architecture can be built around your existing infrastructure to enhance your existing systems. We can also contribute to the creation and design of your future business.