What is the story of Bitcoin logo creation?

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto has a busy schedule. Indeed, changing the world is quickly becoming a full-time concern! Shortly after making the Bitcoin white paper public, he also set up the bitcointalk forum where a few dozen enlightened people are already discussing the potential of this brand new invention: Bitcoin. As for the currency symbol and the symbol, it is always on Bitcointalk that the member NewLibertyStandard makes a proposal that will eventually be rather consensus: BTC as an acronym and why not take inspiration from the Thai baht ()? The result is a complex debate taking into account the need for a character available on a classic keyboard, as well as the importance of making a clear difference with other nerdy currencies. Some have simply considered tilting the symbol of baht () or have tried experiences like; The; ฿ 10-8; | B | … The long card has long held the cord. Note that if, in accordance with the fundamentally cypherpunk culture and the search for consensus of the community, pushed the early adoption of bitcoin to endless debate, it turns out that on February 24, 2010, the founder himself proposes a new design prefiguring the future. . gold color, the emblematic B crossed by two vertical lines. A nod to its distant ancestor, the $ US $ is obvious: it should be mentioned, while symbolizing the fact that it will also be doubled in a much more concrete way in the future. The flutes have disappeared, replaced by a central locker supposed to accentuate the resemblance with the brilliance of a gilded metal piece. according to a form of tradition, the greatest advances of the queen of digital currencies must be made by anonymous individuals who then have a weakness in nature. On November 1, 2010, Bitboy, a newly registered member, quietly released a series of graphics that will be unanimous, and are still widely used today!


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