Why childrens are natural Bitcoiners?

There is much talk of crypto banking among unbanked people. There is a larger group (more than 2 billion euros) unbanked that is much more likely to adopt crypto in the short term. An innovative and playful group that knows how to use applications: children. 29.3% of the world’s population is under 18 years old. These are the most sophisticated users of apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Kik and other apps you may not even have heard of, such as Zenly and TikTok. They engage primarily in local groups but some of the communication is also global. Children use apps in an intelligent way, impossible to imagine. Although most adults still communicate via SMS or email, they communicate via the full functionality of smartphones. live feeds involving multiple people (Instagram Live, TikTok) with whom their friends can talk to each other. Children have developed sophisticated ways to discover themselves on these platforms. They invented social games, where a person will gather profile information from hundreds of interested participants to incorporate them into a public Instagram story in order to be able to find each other. Kids are extremely good at online marketing. While adults only upload content, children send a message directly to each of their friends when they share something and ask them to interact with their content (by sending them an image to increase their chances of opening it. ). Children have a lot of free time. Adults do not have time to explore all the features of applications, they simply learn the minimum necessary and move on. The kids will click on and try everything. And once they have learned something weird, this information spreads quickly within the group. Today’s kids include virtual products and in-app purchases. The child players will know Fortnite V-bucks and WoW gold. Other Kids Kids buy skins for their online avatars and various upgrades to their apps. Now, there are payment applications like Venmo and Cash App that teenagers use, but they still require a bank account and are not yet a global phenomenon. Crypto-currencies have enormous potential to gain ground when UX becomes clean and integrated. Kids love to be anonymous on the internet. They hate platforms like Facebook where they have to use their real name and everyone can see who their parents and siblings are. If you give this group an anonymous currency, they will definitely prefer that. The industrious kids will learn to monetize in all kinds of ways, using their online marketing skills and unlimited leisure time. As the digital world and the digital economy develop, this trend is likely to evolve in all sorts of new directions. Parents will have to be much more in control of their children’s online behavior once anonymous ubiquitous currency is integrated into easily accessible applications. It’s probably going to be a nightmare.

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