Why isn’t a virtual currency like World of Warcraft gold listed on exchanges?

Most people understand that crypto-currencies like BTC can be traded for dollars, euros, yen and a wide variety of currencies issued by the states. However, they may not realize that virtual objects such as gold in the popular role-playing game such as Runescape, Guild Wars and World of Warcraft have been selling since bitcoins since 2012. World of Warcraft, the most popular online game of all time, uses a “gold” currency in the game that can be purchased directly with a fiat currency without AML / KY requirements. World of Warcraft Gold, however, can be converted back into real money through a booming secondary market. Platforms such as PlayerAuctions allow users to sell World of Warcraft gold with virtually no KYC verification of the LMA. Gambling currencies are even more prevalent in markets such as eBay – it is even possible to find comprehensive guides on how to capitalize on World of Warcraft gold via these platforms. – Gaming currencies are not regulated because it is easy for authorities to remove them Crypto-currencies, however, “exist in a digital universe entirely beyond the reach of a particular country” and therefore pose a threat to the centralized financial system in place, which is an integral part of the functioning of almost all governments. Articles and games in World of Warcraft have been in great demand over the last decade. World trade is worth more than $ 50 billion a year, according to recent estimates. Selling virtual items and “cultivating gold” is the act of playing for hours at a massively multiplayer online game in order to collect a currency or items at stake. In developing countries, many companies are busy of these sales and people hold full-time positions as gold producers. Some of the money that finances the gold gaming industry comes from cryptocurrency sales and these markets have been intertwined for seven years. Gold farming and crypto-currencies have made headlines in recent months as some Venezuelans sell in the game coins for crypto in order to survive. It is only recently that the price of Runescape’s Dragon Bones dropped when Venezuelans lost electricity, but rose by 10% on March 12th. It has been reported many times that citizens of the region operated all kinds of games to escape poverty. On June 10, 2018, a Venezuelan making an AMA on Reddit explained that it was a trivial event for people to sell currencies in the game for cryptocurrencies.

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