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Currently, the cryptocurrency industry is in decline. In 2018 the price of the cryptocurrency has dropped, which made cryptocurrency mining less profitable and decreased the demand for mining products. While some mining companies are out of business, others are trying to sell off their equipment to stay afloat. However, despite all this, there is still hope that the cryptocurrency will recover. A good example is the launch of the new Antiminer S17 series miners by Bitmain in April 2019.

The new series includes Antminer S17, Antiminer S17 Pro, and Antminer T17. The Antiminer S17 is the latest fabless mining chip in the line of the company characterized by a higher hash rate and better energy efficiency. Hash rate is defined as the number of complex calculations that can be completed by the Bitcoin mining hardware per one second. Antminer 17 is the second generation nanometers BM1397 chip architecture that is compatible with the previous Antmeter S15 series. Compared to the previous S15 model that was able to achieve 18 to 28 terahash per second, the latest Atnmodel S17 boasts 50-56 terahash per second. Such an increase in hash rate is the result of the technological advances achieved by the Bitmain’s team of professionals.

Comparing Antminer S17 and Antminer S17 Pro

The Antminer S17 standard and Antminer S17 Pro are completely different, The first and the main difference is the ability to manage the power consumption of the device. The standard model of Antminer S17 has two operation modes – Normal and Low Power. The Pro version features three modes: Normal, Low Power, and Turbo. This gives mining professionals to manage their mining operations better and more efficiently. This is very important because efficiently has always been the key to profitable mining. Also, according to Bitmain’s blog these three mining modes of the Antminer S17 Pro allow for greater customization because customers have an opportunity to switch between different settings to be able to accommodate different mining requirements.

One more difference between these two models is that the Pro version comes with a brand-new innovative cooling solution. Both models use similar S15 double fan design, however, the wind-path was shortened by half. As a result, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the miner had been reduced, which led to the improvement of its performance.

Main Features of the Antminer S17 Models

In addition to the high hash rate, Antminer S17 also boasts an efficient consumption rate – between 39.5 Joules per Terahash to 45 Joules per Terahash. The chip in the new S17 series offers almost 29% in power efficiency compared to the previous Bitmain’s chip BM1391.  Power efficiency is extremely important because electricity bills in cryptocurrency mining are very high. The improved energy efficiency achieved by the Antminer S17 means a significant drop in costs and, as a result, an increase in profits.

Like the previous S15 model, the Antminer S17 has two mining modes and was designed in order to be able to mine SHA-256 compatible coins, including Bitcoin.

The dimensions of the Antminer S17 are slightly bigger than the S15 series  – 298.2 x 178.0 x 296.6, and the weight is close to 9.5 kg (almost 21 lbs).  The average price of the machine is between $2,000 and $2,400, and it can be purchased on the official Bitmain website.

The optimized structure of the new Antminer S17 series provides a constant increase in hashing power, which allows to reach new heights. It is currently estimated that the Antminer S17 can return a profit of $6.37 based on the calculations from the website  The profitability also depends on such factors as the coin trading price, difficulty, and electricity cost. Therefore, by using the Antminer S17 it may range from $18-35 per day to $458-854 per month. The profitability of the Antminer S17 Pro is even higher – from $25-45 per day and $565-932 per month. The Antminer S17 series is expected to be the most profitable miners in 2019 and 2020.

Antminer T17 – the More Budget-friendly Model of S17

The budget-friendly model Antminer T17 offers a hash rate of 53 terahash per second and a power efficiency of 55 joules per terahash. The main difference between the Antminer S17 and T17 is that the latter one is cheaper and more affordable – is about $1,600 compared to the S17 models for over $2,000.

The profit generated by the Antminer T17 is lower than the profit of the S17 models – approximately $3.62 per day.


Both the Antminer S17 Pro and Antminer S17 standard are great mining machines for professionals, especially if they are upgraded by D-Central. It is not recommended though to purchase the Antminer S17 from any second-hand retailer due to the high prices at which these machines are usually sold, this is why we recommend getting the upgraded version with the all-in-one heatsink. The efficiency of the S17 machines is their main advantage, which allows to achieve high returns in the current mining environment.  It is a great profitable option for those miners who have to pay for electricity.


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