Create Windows and Linux Virtual servers

In minutes and scale them as you need
Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the current market-leading directory services solution.

Application Server

SaaS solution that allows you to execute and operate a software application entirely from the cloud on a recurring subscription.

File Server

Access all your files in an instant with encryption that allows for reliable data collaboration

Terminal Server

Connect with Remote Desktop, install all your applications, and create login names and passwords for each user

Pay a monthly fee for support and uptime of cloud servers

You get dedicated resources for a fraction of the cost of a comparable in-house configuration. ​Software licensing in a virtual environment can be tricky and more complicated than in a physical environment, so consider Software Management services.

Monitoring and Maintenance

High availability

99.99% SLA

Leveraged Data


Secure Setup

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Launch Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL Server and Active Directory database servers for your enterprise applications. Profit from more flexibility: pay only for the time you are running your database.

Architecture can be built around your existing datacentre infrastructure and dropped in to augment your existing systems. Or, it can be built to support specific business applications.