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A no-coiner has never heard of bitcoin or is someone who believes that bitcoin has minimal value and is doomed to fail. They do not hold bitcoin or are against holding bitcoin. It should be noted that a lack of Bitcoin in a person’s wallet is not enough to qualify someone as a no-coiner. Instead, the no-coiner tag derives from their Bitcoin attitude or philosophy.

For example, it would be used to refer to those who know bitcoin but feel it is too late and did not invest in bitcoin at the start of the coin. As a result, they express their bitterness to those who seized the opportunity. Notably, they show their anger or frustrations with constant reminders that BTC is nothing more than a scam or a bubble heading for ruin.

No-coiner suffers from what philosophers call resentment. As such, they redirect their failures and pains to external factors. Interestingly, those who don’t believe in cryptocurrencies exude the same fierceness as those who do.

No-coiner can come from those who are ignorant, and skeptical; down to those who are hysterically convinced that there is no place for Bitcoin in the world.

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