How to Run VNish Firmware 1.1.11 on Bitmain Antminer S19

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The VNish firmware is a custom firmware for the Antminer S19 that was created by a team of developers known as the “VNish team.” The firmware is designed to improve the efficiency of the miner and to make it easier to use. The new VNish firmware is a custom update for the Antminer S19 that aims to improve its efficiency and make it easier than ever. It’s also designed with your electric bill in mind, meaning you’ll be able to save money on those expensive daily bills! With enhanced security measures added to this firmware, we are confident enough to not only improve performance but also to keep things safe, which means no more pesky hashrate drops. All of these awesome updates come standard without compromising what makes a miner great.

How to Run VNish firmware 1.1.11 from a Micro SD card on an Antminer S19 miner

Before we get started, make sure you have the following items:

  • One 4GB+ Micro SD Card
  • One computer with an internet connection
  • One Antminer S19 miner

Now that you have everything you need let’s get started.

You can perform firmware flushing before getting started; while recommended, this step is optional.

First, format your USB drive as FAT32.

Next, we will flash the Micro SD card with VNish firmware 1.1.11

This particular model will require Balena Etcher to etch the firmware on the flash memory:

To do so, we’ll go to our firmware page and download the VNish firmware image for the appropriate 19 series ASIC miner

Open Balena Etcher and click on “Flash From File”

Select the IMG file that fits your Antminer 19 Series model and click open

Click on “Select Target” to choose the appropriate SD card and click on “Flash”

This particular method requires you to leave the Flashed VNish Micro SD card inside the ASIC miner

Congratulations, you have optimized your Antminer 19 Series with VNish and all you have to do is connect to your machine and then configure it. Happy hashing!

What to do if the SD flash process fails

Format the SD card and delete the partitions on it. Then make sure the card is FAT32. Finally, simply repeat the steps above. If the process still fails, try again with a different Micro SD card.

How to check that the VNish firmware is successfully running on your Antminer S19 miner

You will notice the new VNish AERO interface on your machine. Connect and make the necessary configurations. You can manually tune your chips in the dedicated interface for this purpose. The auto-tuning function is still under development and will be delivered shortly.

The benefits of running the VNish firmware on an Antminer S19 miner

The firmware is designed to improve the efficiency of the miner and to make it easier to use. One of the benefits of using VNish firmware is that it can help you save on your electricity bill. The VNish team has also worked to improve the security of the firmware, making it more resistant to attacks. In addition, the VNish team has added a number of new features to the firmware, including support for mining pools and a new interface. Overall, VNish firmware is a great option for those who want to improve the performance of their Antminer S19.

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