Are you ready to start a business on the Bitcoin ecosystem? As an online store, you want to integrate Bitcoin payment into your business. As a company, you want to better understand Bitcoins and their impact on your business. Bitcoin is not only a new digital currency, but also the introduction of a new paradigm: the network of trust. Develop new businesses using the features provided by the Bitcoin protocol, especially in digital trust or security applications. What do you need to know if you use Bitcoins? You seek a legal opinion, whether for your jurisdiction or in the world. Bitcoin is an electronic and decentralized money system with limited supply. Units are currently fungible to 8 decimal places. This limit can be extended in the protocol by the open source community, which controls it. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoins, described the feature in 2008 in an article: “Bitcoin: a system of electronic payment between individuals” and released the first digital portfolio for end-users in 2009. Thanks to Bitcoin, 4 billion of people with cell phones but without a bank account will be able to manage their wealth online. The technology behind Bitcoins makes it possible to create a trusted network. End users can send and receive the currency without using a third party or lose money with transaction fees. Bitcoin is used as money, which does not involve debiting transactions. Its economy, with a limited supply, was built as an analogy with the gold standard, strengthening confidence in that currency. Beyond this, Bitcoin transactions are faster than any standard transfer and offer greater security than credit cards.

Offered services:

  • Advising for private investors and family offices
  • Bitcoin payment integration
  • Business development and strategy planning
  • Setup, security, and storage support