The Bitcoin network makes the transmission of funds a real transfer as opposed to copying digital information. An underlying concept of Bitcoin is known as Blockchain. It’s a big book of all transactions. The big book itself is stored, like BitTorrent, among all network users. If I sent you 1 bitcoin, the transaction is recorded in the ledger and my balance is deducted from 1 bitcoin while your balance is increased by 1 bitcoin. Like money, if I give you a dollar bill, I do not have it anymore. You now have this dollar bill. Bitcoin works the same way, but numerically. Bitcoin is like digital money, able to generate value anywhere in the world, instantly, securely and for a low price. You still do not understand? Do not worry. D-Central offers personal coaching services in Bitcoin, business consulting services, as well as training and support. We will provide you and your staff with the latest information on Bitcoin and provide you with an exciting hands-on experience. You will leave with a complete understanding of what the blockchain is and how it works, as well as information about its impact on the future of the industry and your organization. You will have the opportunity to make better strategic decisions for your Bitcoin startup.