In recent months, a growing number of Bitcoin and Lightning nodes have emerged, allowing more and more users to begin using the Lightning network payment system. The pace of development over the last 12 months has been truly impressive and it is hard to believe that the period since the first initial public payments took place at the end of 2017. The Lightning Network-based e-commerce also has BTCPay Server probably plays a key role in this development. BTCPay Server is a project initiated by Nicolas Dorier and intended to serve as a self-hosted and non-custody Bitcoin payment processor, which includes Lightning features and is used in a growing number of e-commerce settings. It presents an extremely simple configuration process, which can be easily connected to most ecommerce site feeds. There is also the Lightning Charge payment solution and the associated WooCommerce gateway developed by Blockstream, which can easily be added to a large number of WordPress sites. D-Central offers hosting and managed all-in-one solutions for your BTCPay and Lightning Charge server needs in the greater Montreal area. Whether you need secure onsite installation or dedicated server hosting, we have what you need to get started with Bitcoin and Lightning on the web now!