Can you conduct a Bitcoin transaction through radiowaves?

The concept of broadcasting Bitcoin transactions on radio transmissions has existed for several years. Internet is currently required to operate this infrastructure. However, one of the really important things to realize is that these technologies convert money into a type of data, into a content, which then becomes something that you can transmit on any means of communication. What people do not realize is that the Internet is only one transport mechanism. You do not need the Internet to run crypto-currencies. You can use cryptocurrencies on a shortwave radio. Money has become a pure datum, completely detached from the medium of exchange, completely detached from the means of communication, free to circulate. Any form of possible communication is now also a form of commerce, but also a form of currency transmission. All communication is a financial communication, because the financial communication can be carried out on any means of communication. The Bitcoin network infrastructure does not need to be in place for the nodes to interact. The future implications of this situation are considerable and can have a particularly positive effect in disaster areas and political regimes where censorship is ubiquitous. TxTenna recently launched a solution for off-line Bitcoin transactions through the collaboration of GoTenna, the wireless mesh network communications company, and Samourai Wallet, the Bitcoin portfolio of privacy and security. Rodolfo Novak, a Canadian cryptographic entrepreneur, is the first man to send a small amount of Bitcoin to amateur radio. The shortwave signal was sent from Toronto to Canada, the United States, Michigan, in the midst of a blizzard. Already in 2014, there was a project called Kryptoradio in Finland. Data on the Bitcoin blockchain was broadcast via the national TV broadcast network. However, the operator lost interest in the action in early 2015.

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