After the highly publicized attack on Apple’s iCloud, polls immediately announced the recognition of cloud storage. Users to report feeling more vulnerable and began to question the protection of their personal information. However what happened? The same titles as the cloud had been hacked, as nude photos had been taken from the non-public accounts of twenty-six celebrities. While the photos were so well taken from the victims’ personal stories, the essential distinction that the popular media did not create is that the cloud was not hacked. The flaw resulted from vulnerabilities in Apple’s password security system, optional persistent hackers to guess passwords and security issues to choose from. The cloud itself was never really broken. for information to remain secure, cryptography is the defense of any cloud system. Cryptography strategies use advanced algorithms to hide cloud-protected information. To decrypt encrypted files, potential hackers would want the cryptography key. Although the encrypted information is not 100% unreadable, coding requires a huge amount of processing power, a rhetorical package and a lot of your time. will it be done? In the affirmative, the only way to protect your information is to lock them in an extremely safe and lower place. However, your information stored in the cloud is usually safer than your regional retention information. Cloud services use additional advanced security policies that the typical laptop owner is ready to trace, giving your information stored in the cloud another level of protection. Maintaining the security of your information is your responsibility. responsibility. Unmistakable by iCloud’s celebrity hacking, insufficient password security will provide cyber criminals with a pass all access to your non-public information. to protect your secret, avoid exploitation on the same secret on multiple platforms; add letters, numbers, and symbols to your secret and do not use a secret that is associated with a method that is associated with your personal life. Any hacker can enter your address, the name of your husband, the type of car you drive and your favorite place to eat. information security can be a major concern and, although choices are currently limited, they exist. the secure principal is probably military level cryptography from vendors such as Credeon or nCrypted Cloud. This allows users to code and store information with their own specifications and share files with different parties, who will read files with a key management system. However, the main explanation for concerns about cloud storage is not the information being hacked, but the information lost. Your information can be secure if the system on which it is located has failed, but that will not be enough to relieve you in case of system failure. While cloud storage protects your information from fire, flood, hurricane, and laptop failure, it remains vulnerable to the point of being in the hands of a third-party system. Fortunately, since there are no geographical limits to cloud storage, you do not have to use the cloud services of your own Joe Schmo. Before choosing a cloud storage provider, do your analysis. Leading cloud providers will keep your information secure and consistently accessible. If your company has a history of lost knowledge and security breaches, it’s time to switch to an alternate provider. Cloud storage is much more reliable when used in wheelwith another storage system, like Google Drive. As mentioned earlier, the main concern with cloud storage is the loss of information, not pirated information. however, this problem is eliminated if the cloud is used as a “sharing” platform rather than a “storage” platform. By taking shared files and storing them in an item such as Google Drive, you’ll be able to make sure that if your information is lost, you can simply find it via the opposite platform. A recent survey found that eighty-six of the companies were not just using intensive cloud storage systems, but several cloud storage systems. The survey covered companies from eighty different countries and collected information from as far back as 2005, before cloud storage became a hot topic. half an hour of activity of a storage account, 16% have 2, 12% in 3, V-E Day have four and nineteen have five or more (thirteen have no account). so what does that mean? This means that most organizations trust cloud storage enough to include it significantly in their information storage efforts, or that the benefits of cloud storage are good because they are worth it. At the same time, the trend does not stop. The use of the cloud has grown exponentially every year since 2009. Therefore, while security seems to remain a priority, despite the rules and practices imposed by industry experts, huge resources still invest in resources and resources. development of the storage platform. which suggests that cloud enhancement and security can mimic the increase in its quality.