Unfortunately, in Canada we do not have services like BitWage. Although we have services like Bull Bitcoin, which does not have custody rights over your bitcoins. Instead of receiving your paychecks directly in bitcoins, you can use a strategy called dollar cost averaging. This technique is used by those who believe in the long-term progress of bitcoin. Using the DCA method means buying a fixed number of bitcoins, regardless of the price. In addition, the DCA technique requires the purchase of the fixed price in dollars. Hodlers approach is much less stressful than that of those who negotiate or play intra-extreme strategies. Those who buy bitcoins using the DCA technique do not need to consult charts at all times or set price alarms to capture the ups and downs. Remember, cost balancing is not for everyone, and some people think that buying troughs and selling at the top is a much more profitable investment. However, most people would agree that the dollar cost averaging method is a safer investment method because it is less stressful and you will not have to keep money on a custodial exchange. It’s basically turning your salary into bitcoins week after week.

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