Is it possible to profit from the heat byproduct of Bitcoin mining?

Lost heat has always been a big problem for server farms and even for offices that use a lot of desktop computers. Its use at home is not a bad idea. Bitcoin miners who live in colder climates can save on their heating bills by using the heat generated by the exploitation of bitcoins to heat their homes. The average American household uses 901 kWh per month, or just over 10,800 kWh per year. One of the byproducts of Bitcoin mining, of course, is the heat. Rather than simply letting all that heat dissipate into the atmosphere, some miners begin to act in an environmentally friendly way by actually using excess heat and using it to heat their homes. The environmentally responsible exploitation of Bitcoin does not have to be content with heating houses. There are many examples of data centers recycling excess heat (“lost” heat) that Bitcoin miners might be able to duplicate. IBM Switzerland, for example, reuses the heat generated by its data center to heat a local community pool. Even agriculture and aquaculture can take advantage of the heat recovered – something even the most inflexible – “Bitcoin is bad for the environment” can certainly be delayed.

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