Quebec Bitcoin Mining Meetup #1: Crypto Gold Rush


Bitcoin mining is the new gold rush, and Quebec is the El Dorado! Francis Pouliot from Catallaxy, and Jonathan Bertrand from D-Central Technologies have been exploring this New Frontier and came back to tell their tales! This is a live broadcast of Montreal’s Bitcoin Meetup. This special edition focuses exclusively on Bitcoin mining. A unique opportunity not only to get insights and raw knowledge on Bitcoin mining by Quebec experts, but also find out what it’s like to attend one of the world’s most awesome Bitcoin meetups! It is taking place on January 31st 2018 18:30 PM at the BlockHouse in Montreal. The estimated agenda: 18h30 – Introduction – Welcome announcements – Presentation of Catallaxy and BlockHouse 18h45 – Quebec: El Dorado of Bitcoin Mining Louis Roy, parnter at and head of blockchain, will talk about Quebec’s potential as global bitcoin mining hub and how Quebec society will benefit. 19h00 – 20h30 – Bitcoin Mining Wild West: Tales from the Quebec Frontier (main event) This will be a complete overview of the Bitcoin mining industry, by Francis Pouliot and Jonathan Bertrand. Some of the topics – Intro to mining technical basics – Concepts to understand crypto mining – Players, stakeholders and buisness models – Profitability and ROI forecasting – Optimization strategies – The opportunities in Quebec – Busting Environmental myths on Bitcoin energy – How to get started – Much, much more! 20h30 – 21h00 Questions and answers About this Meetup The Montreal Bitcoin meetup was founded in 2013 at the Bitcoin Embassy. It is renown for its in-depth technical presentations and unique “cypherpunk” atmosphere, and its exclusive focus on Bitcoin. We expect 175 attendess, with 50% of attendees currently being Bitcoin miners in Quebec. LINKS Francis Pouliot: Jonathan Bertrand:


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