Quebec Bitcoin Mining Meetup #2: Bitcoin Decentralisation


The Quebec Bitcoin Mining Meetup is organized by Catallxy and D-Central Technologies, hosted by Francis Pouliot and Jonathan Bertrand at the Catallaxy BlockHouse in Montreal. In this edition, we will focus on providing some key facts, arguments and insights specifically crafted so that Bitcoin mining advocates can better explain the positive contributions of Bitcoin mining to the economy as well as expose popular myths and misinformation about mining. Topics: – 10 facts about Bitcoin Mining (Francis Pouliot) – Update on Bitcoin mining in Quebec (Francis Pouliot / Jonathan Bertrand) – The Unseen Effects of Bitcoin Mining (Jonathan Bertrand) – Orion Miner announcement (Orion Mining) – Blockchain DPL and AsicBoost (Jonathan Bertrand / surprise guest) – Surprise Guest presentation! Schedule: 17h30: Doors Open 18h00: Presentation Starts (LIVESTREAM STARTS HERE) 19h30: Q&A 20h00: Networking (LIVESTREAM ENDS HERE) 21h00: End


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