What is Bitcoin Colocation Mining?

Bitcoin mining continues to evolve at a steady pace and remains highly competitive. Today, if you really want to try Bitcoin, you should consider co-locating your miners. What is colocation and how can it be used to maximize your cryptocurrency mining revenue? Many of our customers opt for colocation after trying rigs at home. For some, the noise generated may be too difficult to manage, while others are simply looking for a passive, non-interventional experience that still generates cryptocurrency. Colocation is simply renting space in a hashcenter. You own the physical hardware, but you have a lease agreement with the company that manages the hashcenter. They do infrastructure and physical maintenance, so you do not have to. The ASIC and GPU rigs can be installed in a colocation space and take advantage of the advantages of having your equipment in a secure installation under the supervision of an IT professional. At D-Central, our innovative and secure hosting system is operated according to industry best practices. Many of our hosting customers come to us after having already tried a home or office configuration that simply did not meet their needs or did not allow them to operate productively. Some miners end up spending thousands of dollars trying to change their home environment by upgrading their electrical infrastructure, their cooling system and their network to realize that they simply can not keep their miners at home. From noise to heat and energy consumption, the typical residence is simply not designed to support mining rigs, let alone a multi-platform installation.¬†Noise and heat remain the main concerns. The noise level of a typical mining rig is comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner or an old hair dryer and most people get tired of it quickly. In addition to providing noise-free operation in a secure environment overseen by one of the industry’s leading minds, a dedicated space features a commercial cooling system with built-in redundancy to protect your equipment and enable it to work, peak capacity. Whether you are investing for the first time or want to improve your returns by maximizing uptime and efficiency, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative, customer-centric, colocation-first approach, and to start harvesting the fruits of full-time mining without the inconvenience.

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