Many merchants have started accepting bitcoin in the last two years, but mainstream adoption remains weak. There are a limited number of hosting companies that currently accept bitcoins, as well as some software companies and some developers. We accept Bitcoin payments at D-Central for all our products and services.

Here is a static list of some of the friendly Bitcoin businesses that we like on the web.


  • Bitcoin Shirt – Bitcoin Merchandise
  • Bitcoin Merit Badge – Bitcoin Badges
  • Bylls – Pay your Canadian Bills with Bitcoin
  • Gab – The Free Speech Social Network
  • Layer One BTC – Bitcoin apparel and more
  • TallyCoin – Bitcoin Fundraising
  • – Receive Lightning Tips Anywhere
  • Opennode – Payments Processor
  • Satoshis Place – Lightning canvas
  • Woleet – Timestamping Service
  • Wiz Store – Hats