Digital security is the preventive security of your online identity. This skill does not send you records online, where others can see it. This allows you to save your name, address, passwords, financial information, etc. in a system that allows you to keep your identity, even personal, alongside hackers, then identify you, and not to log the necessary information. Here are some tips about or in keeping with digital security: -Fuse personal information such as your address, your name, your passwords, etc. -When you create passwords, try to accomplish them are hard to guess.-Make sure after Review the policies or terms of payment that are now signed because of the media and online accounts. This ensures so much that you sign above with perfect skill with respect to your rights, just like a person or the road traveled, the facts provided could also remain used. -You can realize proximity media profiles, such as a replacement, visible in imitation of your friends, as you thus limit statistics to the most monetary transactions. Monetary transactions are now much simpler and faster to use with the Internet. The money is plugged into an immediate just by the click of a button. This has made life a lot easier, but these steps are no longer taken.