D-Central's Mining Hosting

Bitcoin mining in our private facility, located in Quebec, Canada

D-Central started its mining operations in 2016 in a warehouse, that it keeps on upgrading over the time.

Our Hashcenter is adapted for Quebec’s four diverse seasons. We inject A/C in your mining units intake when the summer peaks hit to avoid any damage to your hardware. We are located at 200m of Lanaudiere substation, our energy is 100% provided by clean hydroelectrcity. Even if Hydro emits little CO2, we also pledge to completely nullify our footprint with its trees counterpart.



Simple pricing structure based on power usage and includes energy, infrastructure & maintenance.


We are working on beign a 100% certified carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining operation by mid-2020.


You earn 100% of the coins mined, switch hosting provider and benefit from potential tax write-offs.


Your wallet is directly connected to your miner and you receive 100% of your mining proceeds.

D-Central's Mining Facility Hosting

One of D-Central’s main goals has always been to decentralize all layers of the Bitcoin mining industry. That’s why D-Central has its own mining facility in Quebec, which it uses for its own mining activities. Bitcoin mining is so popular in Canada that we have received a lot of requests for hosting and we have been providing the service ever since. All you need to do is send your equipment to our hashcenter and we will make it work without ever compromising your control.

1-14 kW


*Canadian dollars

Per month

  • Electricity, Internet & Rent
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 1 month prepayment
  • Minimum 2mo contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : 30$/unit

15-29 kW


*Canadian dollars

Per month

  • Electricity, Internet & Rent
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 2 month prepayment
  • Minimum 4mo contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : 20$/unit

30+ kW


*Canadian dollars

Per month

  • Electricity, Internet & Rent
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 3 month prepayment
  • Minimum 6mo contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : 10$/unit

Frequently asked questions

On average, we extract 144 blocks per day, or 12.5 bitcoins per block. 144 x 12.5 is 1,800, so this is the average amount of new bitcoins extracted each day. Since many miners add new hash power, in recent years blocks have often been detected at 9.5-minute intervals instead of 10. This creates new bitcoins more quickly. Thus, most days, more than 1,800 new bitcoins are created.

Yes, of course! Contact us at [email protected] for any hosting request. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible after review. Make sure to specify the type of miner, the quantity and when you’d like to have your miners hosted.

Yes, of course. The same rates apply, no matter the equipment. We must advise that we ourselves are in it for Bitcoin only. We accept Canadian dollars and Bitcoin, but no altcoin payments.

In 2019, we estimate that there are more than 4’000’000 Bitcoin computer machines online worldwide. The real answer might be different, it’s an estimate based on cost-effective mining equipment and a total estimate of Bitcoin network. Visit our mining stats section for more information.

For now, there is no minimum requirement. We think that our service should be available to everyone regardless of the quantity of miners to be hosted. That is why we introduced our flexible pricing table for everyone to benefit from the economies of scale we can achieve, together.

Yes, our mining facility includes insurance coverage agaisnt theft, fire and much more!

Once your hosting request has been approved by our team, you can ship your miners to the following address:

D-Central Inc.
20-1105 Rue Ernest-Harnois, Joliette, QC, J6E 0L7, Canada

You have to expect at least 5% GST tax on miners imported to Canada. 

Once you receive your tracking number, please let us know so we can monitor the shipment.

The price is an all-inclusive mining hosting offer. This means that our price includes rent, electricity, internet, cybersecurity, monitoring, support tickets with a 48h SLA, a guarantee of 90%+ uptime. We even take care of the shipping costs between Quebec and Alberta. You dont have to worry about nothing else than the illustrated price, no hidden fees.

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