Upgraded all-in-One Heatsink for Antminer T17

Upgraded all-in-One Heatsink for Antminer T17


Antminer T17 owners, your chips are in danger!

Here is the solution to your overheating problems – our upgraded all-in-one heatsink refit for Antminer T17. This new heatsink will keep your chips from burning up and losing money.

Don’t let your mining rig get destroyed – upgrade to our all-in-one heatsink today! It’s easy to install and will save you money in the long run.

Purchase an Upgraded all-in-One Heatsink for Antminer T17 today on our website!

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Here is our brand new upgraded all-in-one heatsink refit for Antminer T17. The new 17 Series all-in-one heatsinks are especially useful for machine lots with a lot of delaminated chips. It often happens that 17 series miners lose their multiple heatsinks and as a result short circuit and burn the hashboard causing large losses. Even when the board gets by without too much damage, changing each of the delaminated chips is not always a viable solution, chips are scarce, and the maintenance cost is high. However, Bitmain’s 17th series still has several years of profitability ahead of it. Still, the poor quality of the copper plating on the BM1397 chips is very problematic for the transport of these machines in particular. As a result, used miners are far below market price than similar miners and cannot be sold as they will die on delivery.

Our all-in-one clamped-on heatsink solution allows you to give your Antminer T17 a second life while saving money compared to the cost of replacing multiple delaminated copper chips. You will get stable performance and a perfect fit for air or immersion cooling. You will save a lot of maintenance costs by constantly replacing delaminated chips. You can get a better resale price and have the peace of mind that the machine will go in one piece to your customer. This is an all-inclusive kit to replace it yourself. Contact our support team to request a D-Central heatsink upgrade service.

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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm


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