Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6”

Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6”


Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6” is a device that connects your Whatsminer M3x ASIC miner to a 6-inch duct or hose for improved heat management and noise reduction. It is made of durable PETG material and fits perfectly on the miner’s dual fans. With this shroud, you can optimize the performance and profitability of your Whatsminer M3x.

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Maximize your Whatsminer M3x ASIC miner’s efficiency and lifespan with our top-notch Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6″. This ground-breaking device is meticulously crafted by the acclaimed 3D designer, CRYPT0-J3SUS, ensuring superior heat management and noise reduction for your mining operation.

Ultimate Heat Management

Mining Bitcoin is an intensive task, but our specialized shroud keeps your Whatsminer M3x operating at its peak:

  • Tackle Heat: Excessive heat can undermine your ASIC miner’s hashing power and result in hardware failures. This unique shroud redirects heat away from your miner into an external ventilation system, ensuring optimal operation.
  • Cost Efficiency: Proactively managing heat reduces cooling costs and overheating risks, leading to significant long-term savings.

A Quiet Mining Operation

ASIC miners can be quite noisy, but our Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6″ curbs this problem:

  • Noise Control: This accessory significantly minimizes noise levels, fostering a more comfortable, quieter mining environment.

High-Quality and Easy-to-Install Design

Our shroud is composed of top-grade PETG material, ensuring:

  • Resilience: The high-quality PETG is durable, flexible, and resistant to heat and moisture.
  • Ease of Installation: No tools or modifications are required—it fits perfectly onto your Whatsminer M3x’s dual fans.
  • Aesthetics: Its sleek, elegant design seamlessly aligns with your miner’s aesthetic.

Maximize Mining Efficiency and Profitability

The Whatsminer ASIC Shroud: M3x to 6″ is an indispensable accessory for Whatsminer M3x owners aiming to boost their mining profitability and efficiency. Start reaping the benefits of improved heat management and noise reduction—order yours today!

Do you prefer DIY 3D printing? Download the STL files for free from Cults3D.

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MIT LICENSE – Know Your Rights

You’re granted the right to share, adapt, remix, transform, and commercially use this design. However, ensure to abide by the copyright provisions of the original 3D file and always include a copy of the MIT license. To understand your legal standing, review the full license conditions.

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 190 × 220 × 115 cm


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