State-of-the-art mining hardware repair services

Already a customer with us? Are you waiting for a follow-up of the state of your machines? D-Central sends you real-time emails and SMS for each component repaired. You can also collect your receipt, enter your ticket number below as well as your last name. D-Central Labs sets a new standard in mining hardware repair, if you are not yet a customer and want to get your damaged hardware back up and running, join us now. Our services are on a first come, first served basis.

D-Central Labs mining equipment repair services are a solution tailored to the different needs of our customers. We are currently providing support to several large mining firms, as well as to the newer miners who have only one machine. We strive to meet the various criteria of our customers, by adapting our offer according to the needs and repair costs sent to us. Our certified technicians are also skilled in everything related to machine upgrades, whether at hardware level or at software level. Send us your defective mining rigs or those requiring an upgrade and we will send them back to you ready to mine again as soon as possible.