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Planning to use an ANTMINER at home? Here are three steps to ensure your home environment can safely support these high-powered devices.

Understand ANTMINER’s Power Consumption and Wire Load:

ANTMINERs generally consume more than 1000W of power. For instance, let’s consider a model that uses 1600W.

The wire you use needs to safely support this power load. For example:

Evaluate Household Appliances’ Power Consumption:

Familiarize yourself with the power usage of your home appliances. Here are some common examples:

Calculate the Total Power Consumption:

Add up the power consumption of all your household appliances and ANTMINERs. If this total exceeds the safe load of your wiring, it’s not advisable to use ANTMINERs at home.

Note: ANTMINERs can generate considerable noise while operating. It’s not recommended to stay in the same room with a running miner. Choose a location where the noise will not cause disruption.

If you have any doubts or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at D-Central for assistance. We’re here to ensure your ANTMINER operation is safe and successful.