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If you’re having trouble upgrading firmware or if a firmware upgrade has failed, you should check the following potential causes and solutions.

1. Incorrect firmware version Make sure you’re trying to upgrade the correct firmware version according to the model of your miner.

2. Security firmware vs. non-security firmware If the miner backstage displays the message “System Upgrade Failed – Cannot Find Signature!!!”, this implies that the firmware you’re trying to upgrade isn’t a security firmware.

For further clarification, refer to: ANTMINER Security Firmwares Q&A

3. Incompatible browser or excessive browser cache Try using different browsers to see if the issue persists. Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended. Also, try clearing your browser’s cache. If this doesn’t help, consider using a different PC or laptop.

4. The miner has been hacked For more information on this issue, including how to prevent and deal with it, refer to: Viruses, malware and remote attacks on ANTMINERs – How to prevent and remove them?

5. The control board has an issue In case the control board is the problem, you can try to reset the control board, use an SD card to recover the program, or replace it with a known good one for testing.

For additional information, refer to: Warranty policy explanation on returning control board only

If you have further questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance.