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This tutorial walks you through the process of upgrading your D7 miner online.

1. Preparing Tools

Hardware: You will need a computer (Windows), the mining machine (or control board), and a router.

Software: The latest firmware on the official website, IPReporter tool, and a browser (Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended).

2. Login to the Miner

  1. Connect both your computer and the mining machine (or control board) to the router. Make sure that the DHCP service is enabled on the router, and that both your computer and mining machine are in the same network segment.
  2. Open IPReporter on your computer and click ‘Start’.
  3. Press the IPReport button on the miner or control board. The miner’s light will flash red and green five times, indicating that the miner has successfully returned the IP to the network.
  4. The IPReporter software will display a pop-up with the IP and MAC address of the machine. The IP is what we need.
  5. Open Google Chrome, type the obtained IP into the address bar and press enter.
  6. A prompt for a username and password will appear. The default username and password are both ‘root’. If you have changed it yourself, use the username and password you set.

3. Miner Upgrade

  1. After logging in, note that the firmware upgrade is hidden under the system dropdown menu. You need to tap the dropdown menu, then click ‘Firmware Upgrade’ to reach the firmware upgrade screen.
  2. Click the ‘Upload’ button to open the file selection window. Navigate to the path of the prepared firmware, select the corresponding firmware, and open it.
  3. After selecting the firmware, its name will be displayed in the window. Confirm that it’s the correct firmware, then click ‘Upgrade Firmware’.
  4. The miner will show that the firmware upgrade is in progress. The miner will upgrade the firmware and reboot, a process that will take about one minute.
  5. The miner will automatically restart after the firmware upgrade and refresh the page, indicating that the upgrade process is complete.
  6. Finally, check that the firmware version of the miner matches the upgraded firmware version. If it does, the upgrade was successful.