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Mining cryptocurrencies using Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs can be profitable but can also be frustrating when issues arise. One common issue users face the “Power Voltage Can Not Meet the Target” error message, which can prevent the miner from operating efficiently. This troubleshooting guide will provide a step-by-step process to resolve this issue and get your Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs back up and running smoothly. From checking the power supply unit and cables to resetting your ASIC and checking your grounding, we will cover all the necessary steps to troubleshoot and fix the error. Whether you are a novice or an experienced miner, this guide will assist you in troubleshooting and fixing the “Power Voltage Can Not Meet the Target” error on your Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix “power voltage can not meet the target” on Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs

  1. Look for “power voltage can not meet the target!” or “power init error!” messages in the kernel logs.
  2. Visually check whether the miner’s power cable is loose. If it is loose, it is recommended to re-plug it. If the fault still cannot be solved after plugging and unplugging, it is recommended to replace a power cable.
  3. Check the voltage of your outlet by using a multimeter. If it does not measure 200-240V, use a different outlet or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).
    • Turn on your multimeter and switch the dial to the DC voltage position. This is marked with a V next to a solid line with a dotted line underneath.
    • Plug the black test lead into the COM jack, and the red test lead into the VΩmA / μA jack (it may be labelled slightly differently on your multimeter).
    • Connect the black test lead to a COM pin on your PSU’s connector, and connect the red test lead to the PSU pin you want to test12. You may need to refer to your PSU’s manual or online documentation for the pinout diagram.
    • Observe the voltage reading on your multimeter and compare it with the standard voltage for normal operation of the Antminer L7. According to Bitmain’s website, this should be between 11.6V and 13V.
  4. Check whether the miner is properly grounded. If it is not grounded correctly, the power supply voltage of the miner may be unstable.
  5. Check the Power Supply Unit (PSU): First, check if your PSU provides enough power to your Antminer L7. Ensure the PSU is rated for at least 3600W with an input voltage of 200-240V AC.
  6. Replace the PSU: If your PSU is not providing enough power, you must replace it with a new one that meets the required specifications. You can find replacement PSUs for Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs from various online stores.
  7. Check if there are any loose or damaged wires or connectors between the power supply and the miner
    • Turn off your power supply and unplug it from the wall outlet. Also, disconnect it from your miner.
    • Examine the wires and connectors for any signs of damage, such as cuts, burns, frays, corrosion or looseness12. If you find any damaged wires or connectors, replace them with new ones compatible with your power supply and miner.
    • Use a multimeter to test the continuity of each wire and connector. Set your multimeter to the resistance (ohm) mode and connect one probe to one end of a wire or connector and the other probe to the other end3. If your multimeter shows a low resistance (close to zero), the wire or connector is sound. If it shows a high resistance (infinity) or no reading, there is a break or a short circuit in the wire or connector.
    • Repeat step 3 for each wire and connector between your power supply and the miner. Mark any faulty wires or connectors with tape or labels so you can replace them later.
    • Reconnect your power supply and miner with new wires and connectors if needed. Make sure they are securely attached and not loose.
  8. Reset Your ASIC: If none of the above steps work, try resetting it by turning it off and unplugging it from the power source for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on again.
  9. Update the Antminer L7 firmware
    • Download the latest firmware file from Bitmain’s official website.
    • Log in to your miner’s web interface using its IP address and password.
    • Click “System” on the top menu bar, then “Firmware Upgrade” on the drop-down menu.
    • Click the “Upload” button and select the firmware file you downloaded in the previous steps.
    • After upgrading, check the box next to “Keep Settings” to preserve your current miner settings. Otherwise, leave it unchecked if you want to reset your miner settings to factory defaults.
    • Click the “Flash Image” button to confirm that you want to upgrade your firmware.
    • Wait for the flashing process to finish. Do not turn off or disconnect your miner during this process.

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In conclusion, troubleshooting the “Power Voltage Can Not Meet the Target” error on Bitmain Antminer L7 ASICs can be time-consuming, but following the steps outlined in this guide can help you quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. You can ensure that your miner is operating correctly and efficiently by checking your power supply unit and cables, resetting your ASIC, checking your grounding, and other steps.

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