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This guide will help you to recover a miner that’s been infected with a virus using a Serial Port. This process is ideal for miners in the 15 and 17 series that cannot be disinfected by batch tools.

I. Supported Models

  1. S17 pro, S17, T17
  2. S15, T15

II. Brief Introduction to Functions

This process is suitable for miners that can’t be disinfected by batch tools for series 15 and 17 miners.

III. Preparation

  1. Program the SD card with the new firmware.
  2. Serial port cable (connect tx to tx, rx to rx, and gnd to gnd)
  3. Decompress the “SD card recovery image.rar”, format the SD card to FAT32 and copy it in (the same steps as preparing the SD card recovery file).
  4. Download the SD card recovery file (for S17, S17PRO, and T17, use T17).

IV. Operation Steps

  1. Connect the serial port cable and insert the SD card. Then, open the serial port interactive software on your computer.
  2. Power on and start the miner.
  3. Watch the serial port log. If you see a countdown of “Hit any key to stop autoboot: *”, press Enter to start the recovery process.
  4. Input the command and press Enter.
  5. Start the SD card recovery process and wait for it to complete. During this time, the control panel indicator should flash alternately.
  6. Once the process is completed, unplug the SD card and power on the miner again.
  7. After powering on, upgrade to the latest firmware on the official website. Do not retain the firmware version of the configuration upgrade.
  8. Modify the default login password.