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This guide demonstrates the process of S17, S17Pro, S9 SE, S9k, and Z11 control board program recovery using SD card flashing with a customized password. The method applies when the miner powers off during upgrade, cannot start or find an IP, or only uses default factory workers. Learn about the necessary tools, requirements, and detailed instructions for successful recovery.

Tutorial video: https://youtu.be/PFVmyaL7VX8

Tools Required

  1. MicroSD card (recommended capacity below 16GB)
  2. Computer with Windows XP or later
  3. Card reader

Software Required

Contact us to obtain the image file.

Flashing Instructions

  1. Insert the MicroSD card into the computer and format it to FAT32.
  2. Unzip the downloaded image file and copy its contents to the MicroSD card.
  3. Edit the passwd.txt file and set a password.
  4. Remove the MicroSD card from the computer and insert it into the control board’s card slot.
  5. Power on the control board and wait for 30 seconds until the files load automatically. The red and green indicator lights on the control board will blink.
  6. Power on the miner and access the miner interface. If you can use the customized password to access the interface, the program recovery is successful.

Troubleshooting Flashing Failure

  1. Reformat the MicroSD card and confirm the correct firmware is copied.
  2. Press the MicroSD card gently to ensure proper attachment.
  3. Clean and dust the MicroSD card.
  4. Try a different known good MicroSD card.


Use this guide to recover the control board program for S17, S17Pro, S9 SE, S9k, and Z11 miners using SD card flashing with a customized password. Follow the step-by-step instructions, tools, and troubleshooting tips for a successful recovery.