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There could be several reasons why you can’t access the backstage of your miner despite having the correct IP. This article outlines some possible causes and corresponding solutions.

  1. Incorrect IP Address This is a common issue especially when relocating your mining farm or using second-hand miners.

Solution: Reset the miner to factory settings and use the IP report to obtain a new IP. See guide here: [Link to “How to Reset Miner to Factory Settings”].

  1. Incompatible Browser or Excessive Browser Cache Your browser might be incompatible or might have stored excessive cache.

Solution: Try using different browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Clear your browser cache. If the issue persists, try using a different PC or laptop.

  1. Incorrect Password This problem usually occurs when you have changed the default password.

Solution: Enter the correct password or reset the miner and use the default password, which is usually “root”.

  1. Conflicting MAC Address Two miners may have the same MAC address causing IP address conflict. This results in both miners alternately malfunctioning.

Solution: Try resetting the miner to factory settings or upgrade to the latest firmware version. The firmware version fix_mac.tar.gz can help resolve duplicate MAC issues for S9i models.

  1. Conflicting IP Address A miner using DHCP to obtain a dynamic IP address may conflict with another miner that has the same statically-configured IP address.

Solution: Use DHCP to obtain a new IP address.

  1. Network Anomalies

Solution: Try pinging the miner’s IP address. If it’s unreachable, check the following:

  • Router configuration
  • Enablement of the DHCP server
  • Proper range of assignable IP addresses in the DHCP address pool
  • Network port indicators of the computer, miner, and switch.

Try restarting the computer and network equipment, testing the ethernet cable, switch port, and the router or switch.

  1. Control Board Issues

Solution: a. Reset the control board. b. Use the SD card to recover the program. c. Replace with a known good one.

  1. Miner Has Been Hacked The web page 80 port of the miner may have been modified or the login password may have been changed if the miner has been attacked.

Solution: Read the following article for more information: [Link to “Viruses, Malware and Remote Attacks on ANTMINERs – How to Prevent and Remove Them?”]

Please contact our support team if you have any further questions or issues.