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ASIC Repair Basics: Antminer S19j Pro Common Faults and Solutions

The Antminer S19j Pro is a powerful and efficient ASIC miner for mining cryptocurrencies. It has been designed with the latest technology to ensure that it can deliver higher hash rates than the original S19 model. The most important feature of this miner is its power efficiency, allowing it to achieve up to 90 TH/s […]

ASIC Repair Basics: Antminer S17 Common Faults and Solutions

Identifying and resolving faults within S17 hash boards can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the control circuit, but understanding the power supply scheme and components of the 0.8V voltage domain divider is essential to spotting potential issues quickly and efficiently. Component Structure of the Hash Board The Antminer S17 hash board comprises […]

ASIC Repair Basics: Antminer T17 Common Faults and Solutions

ASIC repair basics for the Antminer T17 can be an intimidating task. Still, with a comprehensive understanding of its hardware components and maintenance methods, it is possible to troubleshoot any potential issues. To diagnose any abnormality in resistance levels or voltage readings on the board, one must know both power supply circuits and voltage domains. […]

ASIC Repair Basics: Antminer L3+ Common Faults and Solutions

The Antminer L3+ Hash Board is a highly advanced device specifically designed for ASIC miners. It includes 12 individual voltage domains, each of which houses 6 BM1485 chips. This brings the total number of chips on board to 72 BM1485 chips, making it an incredibly powerful and efficient mining rig. The chip has a built-in […]