S17 Kernel – Antminer S17 Chain 1 find 0 ASIC

If the Antminer S17 kernel log shows Chain 1 find 0 asic (as shown in the figure below), you can refer to several methods in this article for troubleshooting.

2022-05-07 08:49:17 driver-btm-api.c:915:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[l]: find 0 asic, times 0
2022-05-07 08:49:28 driver-btm-api.c:915:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[l]: find 0 asic times 1
2022-05-07 08:49:39 driver-btm-api.c:915:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[l]: find 0 asic times 2
2022-05-07 08:49:39 driver-btm-api.c:915:check_asic_number: Chain 1 only find O asic, will power off hash board 1


1. Swap the data cable of the Antminer S17 hash board that displays “find 0 asic” with the other two normal hash board data cables (only the hash board is replaced), to exclude the problem of the data cable and the Antminer S17 control board.

2. Check whether the total voltage domain is normal, such as abnormal. It is necessary to use a fluke 15B+ multimeter to check whether the PIC chip, MOS tube, and boost circuit are abnormal.

3. To measure whether the RI signal is normal, it is generally not necessary to check next to each other. For example, find a group of RI signals on the edge of the domain from the middle domain for detection. If it is normal, we will check it forward, and if it is abnormal, check it backward (the transmission direction of the RI signal is from the last chip to the first chip.)

4. The general log and test fixture detection display “ASIC=0 or No hash board” mainly checks whether the voltage of the chip’s RI signal and the ground value are abnormal. If there is any abnormality, most of them are caused by the chip pseudo soldering. First, soldering twice. If it cannot be solved, replace the faulty BM1397 ASIC chip.

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