S17+ Kernel – Antminer S17+ hashboard voltage is inconsistent

If the kernel log shows “ERROR_SOC_INIT,” it means that the Antminer S17+ hash board is mixed with inconsistent code, you can troubleshoot by following steps.

2022-03-11 08:38:21 voltage[0] = 1710
2022-03-11 08:38:21 voltage[1] = 1690
2022-03-11 08:38:21 voltage[2] = 1710
2022-03-11 08:38:21 Voltage are different. Will exit.
2022-03-11 08:38:21 driver-btm-api.c:205:set_miner_status: ERROR_SOC_INIT
2022-03-11 08:38:21 driver-btm-api.c:146:stop_mining: stop mining: soc init failed!
2022-03-11 08:38:21 thread.c:930:cancel read nonce_reg_thread: cancel thread
2022-03-11 08:38:21 driver-btm-api.c:131:killall_hashboard: ****power off hashboard****


Either you have EEPROM corruption or you have mixed hashboards from different machines. Regardless, it is possible to rewrite the suggested voltage values inside the PIC using different tools such as the ARC Tester or a PICKit, for example. Normalize the EEPROM values on all 3 hashboards and the issue should be resolved.

The principle of the ARC Tester or the PICKit to rewrite the EEPROMs is to synchronize the hashboards with different serial numbers inside the miner, making it the same as the other two hash boards, so that the miner can start and work normally.


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