What are the Antminer hardware errors

The number of hardware errors that appear on the web interface of an ASIC can sometimes seem high, but there is not necessarily a reason to worry. Indeed, it sometimes happens that the machine has been operating very well for several days. The error counter is cumulative and may seem high, while other devices have more fundamental problems but will regularly reboot, making the error rate appear below the more healthy units.

The number of hardware errors comes from when the chip returns an error value for some reason during calculation. This value is an accumulated value. In theory, the longer the miner runs, the larger the value. Generally, it is meaningless to look at this value alone. It should be combined with the hash rate. If the hash rate is normal, it can be ignored. If the miner’s hash rate is abnormal, the running time of the miner is concise, and the hardware error rate is abnormally high, it can be preliminarily judged that the chip is unstable. At this time, you can replace the unstable chips.

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