Used Bitcoin Hardware

The comodisation of mining equipment makes the second-hand equipment more and more interesting. A good way to make a quick return on your investment if you have a good energy cost or excess energy to use

Extract all the pennies from older ASICs

It’s often mistakenly thought that once a new generation of hardware comes out, the old generations are screwed up. Yet previous mining eras all show that used equipment continues to be relevant for much of the cycle that follows. Additionally, the comodization of mining makes the lifespan of each new ASIC generation a bit longer than that of the used miners generation before it.

It is also increasingly popular to recycle energy that would otherwise have been wasted in Bitcoin mining. Indeed, there is a very large amount of excess energy that is taken in certain geographic regions where it does not make sense to connect to the grid. Thus, older used miners can recycle this otherwise wasted energy and monetize energy that would not have seen a return on investment. For this, older generations of equipment are ideal due to the low initial cost.

We regularly update our inventory

It’s no secret that mining equipment prices are constantly fluctuating due to price, difficulty, and availability. D-Central constantly updates its prices, inventory and offers to reflect the state of the market and our acquisition costs. It is important to purchase second-hand equipment from a supplier or company that has performed a full machine inspection. In the mining space, many ASIC owners plug in their equipment and forget about it, never cleaning it, never updating it, etc. This trend has a devastating effect on machines which see their lifespan reduced. At D-Central, we clean all used equipment, test it and replace parts that do not pass our tests. So, by purchasing your used equipment from D-Central, you will always have equipment that works.

There are used ASICs that are worth hosting

Of course, when it comes to all-inclusive hosting for your mining operation, the recipe that really makes sense is to compound your operations with the latest generation. That being said, some generations of ASICs just don’t want to die and leave. There may also be optimizations made to the used miners hardware, for example the undervoltage of ASICs which is not very widespread, but yet so effective in doubling the life of a machine. Quickly convert the efficiency of your S17 to that of the S19 with a simple turn of undervoltage for example. It also means that the life expectancy of the S17 meets that of the S19 by a simple optimization. The equipment will cost you a lot less and will have an equally long stay in our fully managed mining facilities.

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