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ASIC Host is the Bitcoin mining and colocation mining brokerage service of D-Central. Visit our dedicated website for our comprehensive offers.

Bitcoin Page

The Bitcoin Page has enough curated educational resources and information about Bitcoin that you could spend months sifting through them all. 

Bull Bitcoin

Bull Bitcoin is the Canadian alternative to coinbase. Buy and sell Bitcoin online from trusted professionals, sent directly to your own Bitcoin wallet.

Les Cryptonautes

Les Cryptonautes is an initiative to bring more Bitcoin-only content to the French-speaking Bitcoin community.

Nakamoto Institute

Founded November 3, 2013, the Nakamoto Institute is one of the largest sources of knowledge and conceptualization of Bitcoin.

Noded Podcast

With Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein, the Noded podcast is a Bitcoin podcast that must absolutely occupy your audio time as much as possible.

SHA256 Network

D-Central’s calculators and monitoring tools for Bitcoin mining. Make more informed decisions for your Bitcoin business.


Veriphi have experience in cryptographic asset management, Bitcoin operations, open source software and cybersecurity.

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