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Has the efficiency of ASIC miners plateaued?

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency scene for any amount of time, you’ve seen that the biggest trend in cryptocurrency has been dynamic growth. New cryptocurrencies rocket onto the scene, the financial growth of Bitcoin continues to remain strong, and new technology is always being employed to increase the efficiency

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How to join the Bitcoin home mining craze

If you’ve spent any time on the internet over the past couple of years, you’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. You may have even heard that you can mine bitcoins at home, although the process can seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, home Bitcoin mining is a

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The Great Alignment: a decentralized future story

There has been more technological advancement in the past 100 years than in the past 2,000 years combined. And that says a lot about the speed of technological development. It has an avalanche effect. Once it rolls, it grows incredibly fast and very little can stop it. In 2009, suggestions

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Highlights of Bitcoin mining in 2021

Bitcoin mining has been one of the main topic in the global economic market of 2021. With a sudden increase in digital miners and mining companies alike, there’s no denying the developments that are happening in this sector. As such, there have been some positive highlights that have taken place

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