We are a growing company, born to decentralize Bitcoin mining.

D-Central is located in Quebec, Canada. We offer ASIC and GPU mining equipment, Bitcoin managed services, cloud solutions, cryptocurrency hosting and repair services for miners, IT support, VoIP telephony system, website development and hosting and consulting services.


You probably have curtains on your windows so that people can not see your house. It is not because you engage in illegal or immoral activities, but simply because you do not wish to worry about the potential costs of your revelation to the outside world.

Experienced ITs

We are constantly adding new skills to our very flexible team. At D-Central, we constantly reinvent ourselves. We want to seize all the new opportunities offered by technology. We make the first mistakes so you do not have to.

Time Tested Team

We started our operations in 2016 and have already survived delays in banking, the escalation of difficulty with Bitcoin, the downtrend cycle of Bitcoin, the moratorium on hydroelectric sales on mining operations and more. We have developed solid strategies over time.

Jonathan Bertrand

Jonathan Bertrand is undoubtedly a maverick in the world of crypto. He is known for his numerous appearances on Bitcoin mining in Quebec. He is also an experienced computer consultant with experience in a variety of systems.

Vice President
Gabriel Cormier

Passionate about monetary economy; The mining of Bitcoin and the game theory of cryptocurrency have a strong intellectual appeal in Gabriel's mind. He is honored to contribute to the security of the network and the establishment of Bitcoin as an international monetary standard.

Project manager
Anthony Desjardins

Anthony is here to innovate and develop new products for network security and the bitcoin industry. His motivation and willingness to try, create and experiment where no one is going to make him a great asset to our developing team.

Software Developer
Vincent Fortier

Vincent is a creative and versatile software developer who has contributed to a multitude of projects of different sizes. It is his ability to learn quickly and to see beyond the technical aspect of a product that truly distinguishes him from others.

We are an established specialist computer company based in Québec, Canada.

We are passionate people, not shareholders. We have very strong relationships and a high level of support from main Bitcoin and IT businesses, who will be helpful in your quest for success.