About Us

D-Central is a Bitcoin mining service provider

Our story

D-Central is a company that started in 2016. The Bitcoin universe was very low key, and at that time, there was a dire need for decentralization of mining, with most of the mining being performed in China. We then launch a first room dedicated to this activity, which allowed us to host very little units at this time. In one year, we were increasing our activities and moving to the hosting by four times the amount of mining units. We then had a lot of trouble connecting with the Hydro-Quebec moratorium of 2018, which forced us to stop our growth completely. This proved to be very difficult as the global competition for mining was only intensifying. Despite everything, D-Central stood firm in this difficult period. It took two years to recover from the damage caused by the moratorium. However, D-Central rose to the challenge and is now more than ever ready to promote the Quebec mining industry by developing new mining sites.

We also have new offices in Montreal, to receive all your orders, to consult on the industry and to repair your machines and get them back to work as quickly as possible. In 2021 we launched the D-Central Labs initiative which specializes in mining hardware repairs and upgrades. We’re constantly growing and building a bigger team of experts. 

It is an endless passion that drives our team to the impeccable service for which D-Central is known across North America. 



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