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Bitcoin Mining ASIC Maintenance & ASIC Repair Courses

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There are virtually no industry standards for the maintenance and repair of mining operations. We started by offering consultation, but it was not adapted to training needs and was aimed primarily at decision-makers. This is why we are proud to present our new course dedicated to people in the field. Whether you are an enthusiast who wants to learn more, an employee looking to advance in your mining organization, or an employer looking to train new hires, D-Central is now a relevant stopover for your training and development needs. Upgrade..

Bitcoin Mining Maintenance Training

We offer courses for amateur and professional technicians. The mining companies send us their technician for a complete training and the personnel come back completely ready to use.

Bitcoin Mining Repair Training

We offer ASIC repair courses for electronic technicians. You can consult our complete offer to find out more. Some prerequisites may be required to take this course.

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Our dynamic team of trainers and technicians knows how to combine business with pleasure. We are not your typical training center where you listen to our theory half asleep on your bench. We immerse you directly in the world of Bitcoin mining. Whatever subject you join us for, we will be able to teach it to you in a dynamic and memorable way. Your training with us doesn’t end when you quit, we also have an ongoing advanced support service dedicated to mining teams facing unknown maintenance or repair issues.

Bitcoin Mining Maintenance & Repairs Training

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With several thousand machines from several hundred customers in our experience history, our experienced team is the most efficient in North America when it comes to your maintenance or repair needs. That's why we offer maintenance trainings for the different key skills that every miner should have in their toolbox. We provide certification to students who pass our criteria and this certification proves to your clients or employers that you have what it takes for the skills learned. This acts as a seal of quality when D-Central affixes its stamp of approval.

We have participated in many Bitcoin events, conferences and seminars to explain Bitcoin concepts to a wide audience, from beginners to advanced users. D-Central will contribute to your seminars and personalized workshops. We offer various Bitcoin reports on the technical aspects of Bitcoin technology. We will offer custom audits for your mining operations, bitcoin storage and for your marketing strategy to improve visibility and returns.

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