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Bitcoin ASIC Miner Repair

High-quality and inexpensive repair of ASIC miners

Our ASIC repair technicians have an expertise in repairing ASIC machines

We carry out repair work related to welding, complete replacement of parts and components of ASIC miners and other works of any complexity using special equipment. Our mining hardware specialists can help you in the most difficult situations and in the shortest possible time. ASIC miner diagnostics and repairs are performed on the latest technological equipment using genuine components. Extensive experience in repairing cryptocurrency mining equipment allows our customers to get professional miner repair in the shortest possible time.

A proven ASIC maintenance service

We help you get your ASIC miners back online

When your bitcoin mining equipment breaks down, you must repair your ASIC miner as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are wasting money every second. We provide comprehensive bitcoin machine maintenance services and help our customers repair their cryptocurrency miners effortlessly by diagnosing ASIC miners down to the chip level using the latest technology and equipment. Our prices, listed in Canadian dollars, are very affordable for everyone. With D-Central, you will receive quality repairs for your ASIC mining equipment with a warranty of up to 60 days.

Our service center is in Montreal and accepts orders from all over North America. We have a fast turnaround and offer reliable repairs, praised by many in the industry for our ability to repair all types of ASIC-based mining units. You can send damaged ASIC miners to us for repair or replacement after opening a support ticket with us. We are committed to serving individuals and mining companies by providing efficient repair services.

We can also support your team in their repair efforts

Our center of expertise includes the training and parts needed for your ASIC repairs

Although we offer the repair service ourselves, we help several other repair centers and several other mines to start mining repair. We have our own internal documentation, our own tools and our own courses adapted to market needs. We repair several thousand machines per year, this requires a large inventory of parts, consult our online store or contact us for the sourcing of your parts in North America.

Our ASIC repair service at competitive prices

Every hash counts, get your hardware fixed

Don't lose valuable revenue just because your machines are down. Our dedicated repair technicians are experts in repairing all your Bitmain, Innosillicon, MicroBT and Canaan ASIC miners. Our team of over thirty mining repair experts will bring your machine back to life with the best repair standards in the industry. Try the D-Central standard.

Price list continually updated based on market conditions, supply prices, etc. Date of last update: 2022-09-23

Bitmain Antminer Repair & Upgrade Services

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Innosilicon Mining Repair & Upgrade Services

MicroBT Whatsminer Repair & Upgrade Services

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Power supply repair and upgrade services

Control board repair and upgrade services

Questions about our mining repair services?


We answer your questions about our mining equipment repair service.
Contact our support team to learn more about our hashboard repair solutions if your question remains unanswered.

The first steps in a basic repair are to ultrasonic clean all of its hashboards. We will also do a complete dusting of your fans, case, control board and power supply. We then start troubleshooting and diagnosing all your hashboards and proceed to replace the necessary parts up to a certain quota. For example, if it needs new chips, we will replace up to 5 chips per hashboard before considering it a No-Fix. Our basic repair coverage meet the needs of most of our customers. We will reflash the control board and hashboards if necessary and perform standard control board and power supply troubleshooting. The replacement of a non-recoverable component added to this service will be added to the invoicing.

This is a common problem with the Antminer 17 series. This is caused by the copper plating on top of the chips delaminating. This delamination of the copper is also due to the poor quality of the solder during the manufacture of these machines. Since very little TIM allows good heat transfer from your chips to the heatsinks, the copper plating peels off the top of the chip and the heatsinks follow. Your machine cannot mine even if only one heatsink is missing. You have two solutions, either a repair that requires replacing all the delaminated chips on your hashboard, or a replacement of the original heatsinks for our improved all-in-one heatsink upgrade, which completely protects you from this problem. Either way, this will be treated as a repair and, depending on the number of delaminated chips, may even involve an advanced repair, which is billed at an hourly rate + our base flat rate.

Any hashboard or units containing traces of burns are automatically disqualified from our repairs. In almost no case these can be rescued or very rarely in a profitable manner. We also disqualify from our repairs any 17-series hashboard that has silicon to hold its heatsinks or any form of glue that prevents the signal from being detected. There is a large volume of machines bought in China which contains only glue or silicon and which burns your chips within hours of use. We advise you to get reimbursment from the sellers of these machines which are nothing short of scams. Machines which have several delaminated chips/heatsinks missing or which need replacement of more than 5 chips are disqualified on a case by case basis, depending on the level of difficulty and the cost of the repair, it may happen that we will tolerate such a repair, it will however be longer and not be a priority.

One or more of your temperature sensors may need to be replaced. In some cases, it could also be chips around the temperature sensor not reporting the correct values and may require chip replacement. We have also witnessed cases of corrosions and broken traces which prevent the temperature rise signal from passing through. You can send your ASIC miner to our repair center where we will promptly replace your sensors, test all chips, and prepare your board for hashing.

Just like unrecognized chips, it can also be a power distribution problem, a first or last chip problem, or even a chain break that prevents the signal from getting through and requires the replacement of several parts. We can definitely solve this problem.

The prices vary between them according to the level of difficulty of a repair, the number of points of failure and our experience with models that are more problematic than others. Second, the prices of the parts themselves are bound to have a direct impact on our pricing. This is why our prices can also vary over time, if a shortage of chips is felt as it is now, the prices of parts unfortunately increase, making the repair more expensive.

For tickets with less than 8 machines, we have an average processing time of 2 to 4 weeks. For tickets over 8 machines, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis, but we normally process the volume within 6 weeks. We now have a team of over 30 qualified technicians ready to serve you. Follow the progress of your repairs in real time on our repair portal. For more information on processing and timelines, contact our support team, which responds within 24 hours on business days.

We install warranty seals on repaired machines. If you open the machine during its coverage period and the seals are broken, your machine will lose its coverage. We install seals against humidity or water damage on your hashboards, if these sensors are activated, the cover is broken. Any trace that your equipment has been used in an unsuitable context and that the manufacturer does not cover may be refused. Finally, if you overclock your machine, in particular by using an after-sales service firmware, we reserve the right to refuse to honor our repair warranty. Consult our support team before doing any prescribed manipulation to avoid misunderstandings.

If you have several machines with only 1 defective hashboard, we simply advise you to group the good hashboards in the good machines and the bad ones in the bad machines and finally send them to us. However, sometimes some of our individual clients only have one hashboard to fix in total. In these cases, we invite you to join us and we will deal with you on a case-by-case basis. We normally do machine repair processing and not an individual hashboard for several reasons. We have a long history of providing service for individual hashboards, but several variables become beyond our control, such as machine condition, machine firmware, repaired component re-insertion, shipping, etc. Finally, if you bring us the complete machine, the repair price remains applicable for the machine, because it often happens that by opening the machine and cleaning it, certain weaknesses become more apparent and require intervention. Failure to take this action may result in problems with your machine for which you will hold us responsible. Thus, we offer a repair service applicable to complete machines, regardless of the diagnosis you have carried out beforehand.

Upon reception of a service receipt, I grant permission
to D-Central Labs to perform any action deemed necessary in an attempt to repair my
device. Furthermore, I release D-Central Labs from any liability for any data loss which may
occur, or component failures occurring during attempted repair, testing, or at any other
time. D-Central Labs is not responsible for loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special,
incidental, or consequential damage occurring during or after device service, including
during transport. I realize that D-Central will repair the apparent damage for the
immediate functionality of my device, but cannot restore it back to new equipment, as it is
used and has been damaged. Therefore, D-Central cannot guarantee its durability beyond
the components that have been worked on during the repair. However, D-Central being
confident in the quality of its repairs, a 30-day warranty is offered on unit repairs, if the
warranty seals are left intact, but remain entirely up to D-Central’s discretion for individual
hashboard repairs. I agree to take on all shipping charges, including for warranty repairs.
D-Central is not responsible for any failures or delays in performing the service agreed
upon. I accept that a 30$ per hashboard repair attempt fee will be charged if my device
cannot be repaired, to cover diagnostic and the resources used in this attempt.
Upon first notice of completion, by phone and/or email, I agree that a 30-day period is
granted for me to claim my device, after which storage fees will be added to my invoice.
These fees are established at 15% of the amount receivable for my repaired device, divided
into 3 months remittance, with an additional 10$ base fee per month. As the law states, any
unpaid or unclaimed device, within 90 days of an official notice of completion, will be
considered abandoned and therefore become D-Central’s property.