Bitcoin mining equipment repair

Have your ASICs for cryptocurrency mining repaired with D-Central's mining equipment repair services

Repair your faulty Cryptocurrency mining ASIC

When your Bitcoin mining equipment fails, you should repair your ASIC miners as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are wasting money every second. We provide full Bitcoin mining machine maintenance services and help our customers repair their cryptocurrency miners effortlessly. The profitability of cryptocurrency mining machines is also affected by their failure rate. Our rates are very affordable for all participants, small and large projects. You can again buy some of our reconditioned spare parts and change the broken part yourself. We have learned to diagnose any problem and almost always fix it quickly. Our service center uses only professional repair equipment, as well as reconditioned original spare parts. With D-Central, you will receive quality repair of your mining equipment with a warranty for any type of work for up to 30 days. You can ship us the damaged part for reparation or replacement after opening a case with us.

We carry out high-quality and inexpensive repair of Asic miners and power supplies

Our service center is located in Montreal, but we accept orders from all locations in North America. We also offer partnerships with Canadian colocation centers for repairs, with a collection service and on-site technicians to perform the work. Our work is guaranteed, and our prices are the lowest in the market. When repairing mining equipment, we only use new spare parts. We also sell spare parts for repairing miners wholesale and retail. Thanks to this, we always have everything in stock at a low cost.

We perform repair work related to welding, complete replacement of parts and components of ASIC miners, and other work of any complexity using special equipment. Our specialists can help you in the most challenging situations and in the shortest possible time. We provide warranty for all work performed. Diagnostics and repairs are carried out on the latest technological equipment using original components. Extensive experience in repairing cryptocurrency mining equipment enables our customers to get professional miner repair in the shortest possible time. The work is carried out strictly according to the standards of the leading manufacturers.

Mining Equipment Repair Service

We perform repair work related to welding, complete replacement of ASIC miner parts and other services of any complexity with the help of special equipment. All hashboard services listed include a set of 3 replacement chips. Any service not appearing on this list or any parts beyond the 3 replacement chips included in our flat rate structure will be upgraded to parts + hourly billing service. There will be a minimum charge of 30$ per hashboards diagnosed, however, you will not have to pay this charge if we do repair work on your machine and will have to pay the repair amount instead.

All repair work is carried out by our firm D-Central Labs, located in Pointe-Claire. We have partnerships with miners all over North America. We have therefore developed an offer adapted to the needs of our regular customers with repair volumes. Meet D-Central Labs Membership, you benefit from a special advantageous price on many of our services. Any D-Central hosting customer is automatically covered by our membership for their repair needs.

Regular service
ASIC Repair Services
Price ($CAD)
Antminer T9/S9
Antminer L3+/L3++
DragonMint T1
Antminer T17/S17
Antminer T17e/S17e
Antminer T17+/S17+
Antminer T19/S19
ASIC Upgrade Services
Price ($CAD)
Innosilcon A10 4GB->5GB Upgrade
Innosilcon A10 4GB->6GB Upgrade
Innosilcon A10 5GB->6GB Upgrade

Please note the following taxes: GST (5%) and QST (9.975%)

We repair hardware from diffrent manufacturers

We can repair and repair all cryptocurrency mining hardware, using only genuine parts, dramatically reducing the downtime typically associated with repairs. Our trained and dedicated repair center engineers can quickly diagnose issues and repair equipment from various manufacturers with genuine parts to assist miners. We offer a reliable repair service in Canada, and our team can travel all over North America to meet your installation, maintenance and repair needs for ASIC Bitcoin miners. You can also send us all your broken boards for repair at our Montreal repair shop. Don’t let repair logistics hurt your bottom line, eliminate downtime and get back to mining as quickly as possible.

Mining Hardware Replacement Chips and Refurbished Spare Parts

We know the drill. Placing orders from China is no picnic. Not to mention the many delays which sometimes extend over several weeks of uncertainty. D-Central offers a local inventory that leaves our premises in less than 24 working hours following the order. Every day counts for your ASIC miners. You lose significant sums by ordering abroad. Let us take care of these channels and save you time and money.

Frequently asked questions

Chip burnout occurs due to overheating, power surges and improper operation. Our specialists will identify damaged chips and replace them with new ones.

Most often, a short circuit occurs due to power surges and damage to the power supply. Repair of power supplies for ASICs to all specialists in our team. Symptoms: does not show signs of life.

One of the most common breakdowns, since all the work of mining the cryptocurrencies directly falls on the chip, which leads to breakdowns. The difficulty is that it is difficult to determine the cause of the damage to the chip at once, therefore, equipment repair may take several days. Overheating, moisture ingress, voltage drops in the network and much more can provoke a breakdown.

The cause of the malfunction can be a breakdown of either a single chip or an entire chip. Rebooting and replacing the power supply in most cases does not solve the problem itself, so it makes sense to immediately contact a specialist for diagnostics.

For the equipment to work as long as possible, it is necessary on time to:
• blow fans;
• assess the operation of the cooling system;
• check the effectiveness of cooling systems using thermal paste;
• blow radiators;
• track the operation of chips and the possibility of overheating.

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We are more than a mining facility; we are your mining partners. Whether you're an amateur or a professional miner, our goal is to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most efficient ASIC mining solutions.

Please note that our repair services are inundated with requests at this time. We do repairs on a first come, first serve basis for regular service. Express services will have a dedicated repair tech for faster service, but are also overwhelmed by demands at the moment. Added to this are the holidays and a reconfinement due to COVID which slows down our processing times.

We know that the rates are excellent at the moment and every hash counts, which is why we are improving our offer to serve you better.