D-Central's Mining Support

We will take care of everything from obtaining your hardware to get your new miners online.

From beginner to expert, D-Central offers a helping hand to your facility when needed

Whatever your need, if it is related to Bitcoin mining, we will lend you a hand. D-Central’s support services are particularly useful in an industry that often sees its participants experience certain material revolutions. Indeed, it is useful for mining installations to hire only the necessary number of employees to maintain the mine and to call on our team when it is time for large installations of several KW and MW. We also have a good experience in training start-up mining companies, both for the GPU and the ASIC.

Our team may also be called in for troubleshooting, such as troubleshooting a problem unknown to your team. We can go through and produce a list of recommendations to improve your mining process, following manufacturer guidelines. We can help you disinfect machines that have been attacked and keep your network secure using firewalls and strict rules. Don’t be shy to ask our team for a hand, our expertise is vast and can help you in your launch and maintenance process, whatever your size or your level of expertise.

We are committed to providing professional Bitcoin services

Our team has diversified its expertise to cover all aspects of mining. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of North America for what the mining industry is all about. We seek all the answers to the questions that have not yet been asked, so that when you encounter an unknown problem, we have the solution that will make your company more profitable.

The majority of professional services offered to Bitcoin miners are located in China or Russia. With a growing industry on the North American side, it made a lot of sense for us to put forward a similar offer that will supply our market with easily accessible expertise. Our location in Quebec is also a wonderful addon that allows us to reach both the English speaking community and the French speaking community of Bitcoin miners. Finally the curtain that exists between Bitcoiners and miners can fall.

We have a large inventory of items for your mining

Take a tour of our store to consult our large inventory of products for minors, but also for simple bitcoiners. We have everything you need to achieve your financial sovereignty. Our store has a very comprehensive supply of all parts for popular mining machines, don’t let a miner get dusty, get to work fast with our replacement parts.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Contact us at [email protected] for any hosting request. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible after review. Make sure to specify the type of miner, the quantity and when you’d like to have your miners hosted.

GPU rigs will only be hosted in our mining facility.

Bitcoin is really hard to mine nowadays. When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, it was easy to mine BTC with a simple GPU or processor. However, over time, the mining of Bitcoin has become a difficult business. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty – measuring the difficulty with which it is difficult to obtain mining rewards in the world’s largest market capitalization cryptocurrency is setting new records. Bitcoin is designed to solve its mining difficulty every 2016 blocks (about 14 days), depending on the computing power deployed on the network. This is done to ensure that the block production interval at the next period will remain constant every 10 minutes or so. When there are fewer machines running to solve math problems to win the next newly created bitcoins payment, the difficulty falls; when there are more computers in the game, it increases. Mining with the latest generation hardware remains a great way to average your Bitcoin acquisition.

For now, there is no minimum requirement. We think that our service should be available to everyone regardless of the quantity of miners to be hosted. That is why we introduced our flexible pricing table for everyone to benefit from the economies of scale we can achieve, together.

Insurance in containers has to be done at your cost. If you want to benefit from hosting with coverage, you can place your units in our mining facility that includes coverage agaisnt theft, fire and much more!

Mining Bitcoins is a very dynamic sector with consistent updates of hardware, software, pools, prices and profitability, making it more difficult to always make money with a miner. Since the traditional processors and GPUs, mining investors have turned to ASIC miners as the preferred choice due to the efficiency of their chips and their hashrate. They are available on various ecommerce websites such as our. In terms of profitability, we need to know how much each ASIC miner can earn. Or in how many days will you meet the return on investment. It mostly depends on your energy cost. For calculation purposes, if you live in Canada, the average cost per kWh is only 10 cents! It is no wonder Canada is becoming a hot spot for Bitcoin mining. If we can balance the energy consumption with the newly generated bitcoin, we will probably become profitable. Still note, Bitcoin’s global mining network is constantly evolving and, with increasing competition and high volatility in cryptocurrency prices, you may run the risk of being unprofitable.

Once your hosting request has been approved by our team, you can ship your miners to the following address:

D-Central Inc.
20-1105 Rue Ernest-Harnois, Joliette, QC, J6E 0L7, Canada

You have to expect at least 5% GST tax on miners imported to Canada. 

Once you receive your tracking number, please let us know so we can monitor the shipment.

The price is an all-inclusive mining hosting offer. This means that our price includes rent, electricity, internet, cybersecurity, monitoring, support tickets with a 48h SLA, a guarantee of 90%+ uptime. We even take care of the shipping costs between Quebec and Alberta. You dont have to worry about nothing else than the illustrated price, no hidden fees.

Do you need help with your Bitcoin business?

We are more than a mining facility; we are your mining partners. Whether you're an amateur or a professional miner, our goal is to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most efficient ASIC mining solutions.