D-Central Bitcoin mining Support

We will take care of everything from obtaining your hardware to get your new miners online.

From beginner to expert, D-Central offers a helping hand to your facility when needed

Whatever your need, if it is related to Bitcoin mining, we will lend you a hand. D-Central’s mining support services are particularly useful in an industry that often sees its participants experience certain material revolutions. Indeed, it is useful for mining installations to hire only the necessary number of employees to maintain the mine and to call on our team when it is time for large installations of several KW and MW. We also have a good experience in training start-up mining companies, both for the GPU and the ASIC.

Our team may also be called in for troubleshooting, such as troubleshooting a problem unknown to your team. We can go through and produce a list of recommendations to improve your mining process, following manufacturer guidelines. We can help you disinfect machines that have been attacked and keep your network secure using firewalls and strict rules. Don’t be shy to ask our team for a hand, our expertise is vast and can help you in your launch and maintenance process, whatever your size or your level of expertise.

We are committed to providing professional Bitcoin services

Our team has diversified its expertise to cover all aspects of mining support. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of North America for what the mining industry is all about. We seek all the answers to the questions that have not yet been asked, so that when you encounter an unknown problem, we have the solution that will make your company more profitable.

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The majority of professional services offered to Bitcoin miners are located in China or Russia. With a growing industry on the North American side, it made a lot of sense for us to put forward a similar offer that will supply our market with easily accessible expertise. Our location in Quebec is also a wonderful addon that allows us to reach both the English speaking community and the French speaking community of Bitcoin miners. Finally the curtain that exists between Bitcoiners and miners can fall.

Our most popular key services

We have been operating since 2016 and have built various facilities from air-cooled warehouses, containers and liquid immersion tanks. We mining support you in any form of deployment-related to your mining installation. We take control of your network security, disinfect your infected mining hardware, we prevent future viruses and failures from happening. We help you set up an effective monitoring solution. We perform troubleshooting, testing and repair services for miners. We also provide support for large deployments, upgrades, decommissions and finally packaging and shipping.

You are performing a hardware update. You need to get rid of old machines quickly. We are here to help you in your canvassing as well as in the packaging and shipping of your equipment.

Our team has extensive knowledge of mining equipment and facility deployments across Canada. We provide assistance to your staff on bottlenecks and critical deployments with 24 hour notice if needed.

It is more and more common for Bitcoin miners to be the target of computer attacks. So, if you are the victim of such an attack, D-Central will help you regain control of your network as well as your mining hardware.

Emergency Response
Our team can come to your aid within 24 hours. Our emergency services have a 100% markup on the regular rate, but it’s a lot cheaper than wasting precious hours of Cryptocurrency mining.

We have proprietary tools, processes, software, and 24/7 on-call technicians to handle your mining hardware repair. We offer you the best rates if you ship your defective part to us, but we can also perform repairs on site at your facility.

We have systematic processes designed to isolate specific issues with your miners. In most cases, we can remotely interact with your mining hardware. We also offer flat-rate services at attractive costs.

Frequently asked questions

Our price varies according to each project and depends on the work to be carried out. Our prices vary between 95$C/h and 145$C/h, also depending on whether you take an hourly bank, a flat-rate option or an à la carte service. In addition, note that the emergency service is a 100% increase on the regular price.

Yes, we have helped several small GPU retail mines in Quebec. We are familiar with just about every possible combination of GPU mining hardware.

Standard service takes about one week. to schedule. If you need a quicker response, we’ll be happy to help, but note that our prices will be increased by 100% on the regular price if a response is required within less than one week of delay.

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