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Choosing D-Central also means choosing the ten or so partners and suppliers with which D-Central works to offer you the best machines on the market at the best price on the market. As miners who started out small and gradually entered a shark pool, it is important to us to be the image of the fair play player who offers his clients win-win solutions.


One problem we quickly identified in this industry is relentless scams. There are several ASIC miners for sale and several organizations looking to buy ASIC miners. The biggest problem is the communication between these parties and the lack of trust. D-Central positions itself as a trusted intermediary for carrying out your important transactions. Our escrow service comes with several services tailored to each party's needs, making D-Central Marketplace the best place to buy ASIC miners.

Our asic mining hardware marketplace is a place where you can find all offers to buy and sell asic mining hardware from our large network of partners. Would you like to use our intermediary service for a transaction that is not listed in our offers? No problem, D-Central offers its escrow service for all third parties.


Another problem we quickly faced when getting into this industry is that hobbyists and other ASIC mining equipment buyers don't have a solution that fits their needs. Very often, these Antminer for sale are only sold in lots, which deprives a whole segment of the market of being well answered. Our retail store is the best place to buy ASIC miners. All ASIC mining equipment and ASIC parts listed are available for delivery within 24 hours, come with a warranty, and are always in perfect condition.

If you buy your machines from D-Central and also host them in our facilities, we will accumulate a bonus discount on all your purchases to thank you for your good business. We have our hearts in the right place and want to offer you a safe and pleasant shopping experience, which is why all machines go through our facilities, are diagnosed, refurbished and then delivered.

More about our refurbishment service

Automatically included in our certified escrow

Our refurbishment service goes through the high standards of our repair center. Our maintenance and repair service will diagnose machines passing through our certified escrow. The machine is then rated, then the necessary interventions are reported to the seller to make it a certified machine. Service takes place and automatically makes it an A-rated machine, with D-Central’s “green only” warranty which includes 60-day DOA coverage.

Used, Refurbished and New ASIC Miners at your disposal

Find the mining hardware that meets your needs

We offer a variety of ways to find materials. You get the maximum choice, whether you buy individually or in bundles. Among our offers are new ASICs for sale, but also an entire inventory of refurbished machines by D-Central, such as Antminer, Whatsminer, Innosilicon and Canaan. Our machines refurbished or under certified escrow service all have a 60 day warranty.

We source used or broken ASICs from mining farm operators and then put them through our refurbishment process. We clean, inspect and diagnose the machines, then thoroughly test the miners in an aging test before sending them out.

Questions about our mining hardware sourcing?


We answer your questions about our mining equipment procurement.
Contact our support team to learn more about our mining hardware escrow solution.

In a way, yes. We can address all the technical points of a machine. How it works, how to host it, what a pool is and which ones we recommend. Useful software for monitoring it. Our personal experiences with these and other machines. However, the business underlying the purchase of such a machine is Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin is an asset full of potential that comes with its risks and high volatility. No one can predict the market and anyone who says otherwise is simply lying. Thus, we are in no way equipped to tell you which machine is the best opportunity, nor when the timing will be the best, nor if you will make an ROI in 6, 12, 24, 36 months or even forever. We can provide you with analyzes of past performance, but we cannot predict the future. The choice of machine and your expectations regarding this purchase are entirely up to you.

We do both. It’s a relatively simple operation. Everything on our online store is in stock and will be delivered within 24 working hours by D-Central. We also have the marketplace section. In this section, third parties take care of the registration and sale. You can designate D-Central as a trusted third party in the exchange. We also have verified listings, a listing the seller gives to D-Central for sale. This lot is certified and classified according to its condition. Sellers can use our cleaning, maintenance and repair service to get machines up for sale in the desired condition.

Yes. D-Central will note the conditions of your search. We’ll check the listings from our extensive partner network and find any up-to-date offers that meet your search criteria. The offer is presented to you, you are free to proceed from then on directly with the seller, or you can use D-Central’s escrow service. By positioning D-Central as an intermediary, you benefit from a range of purchasing services as well as guarantees on the equipment purchased.

To establish a relationship of trust with your buyers and for the reconditioning and refurbishing services we can offer you. You can send your lot to D-Central for evaluation and certification of condition to your buyer. Offer a warranty on equipment certified by D-Central to your customers. In addition, you benefit from increased visibility by being displayed on our marketplace sales network.

It is possible. Contact us. Everything is always case by case. Parts discounts can be negociated in volume, but ASIC prices are generally the same based on volume purchased. Instead, for ASICs, we recommend our marketplace for buying bundles. In this case, you can still position D-Central as a trusted intermediary for your purchase and benefit from the same advantages as buying from us.

When a seller wishes to have his offer of sale certified, he must submit the lot for investigation and monitoring to D-Central who will inspect and certify it. A score will be assigned to the various success criteria. If a seller wishes to list their machines in “condition A”, then they must have a machine that passes all of our evaluation criteria. Sellers have the right to sell the lots under the conditions they wish on our platform. Our overall scale is between A and E. A being the best condition and E the worst. A seller just wishing to list the machines he disconnects following a generation change can entrust D-Central with the sorting, maintenance, cleaning and repair service to make them a certified A for sale lot, including a guarantee of 90 days.

An honorable 60-day warranty covers batches certified as Condition A by D-Central. This is one of the main benefits of using a trusted third-party service to sell your machine. You are a buyer and can only purchase lots with unknown or lower conditions. D-Central’s “green only” is the quality control we place on an ASIC to be rated A. It must pass intermediate inspection, it must be cleaned, and it must run all ASIC chips at a 95% normal efficiency on all chips, so all chips in green. If a lot falls below this requirement, it will go through our reconditioning or refurbishment service which also includes the 60-day “green only” warranty. You can also pay a lump sum to cover an inferior condition lot when purchasing from our trusted third party.