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BTCPay Server is a self deployed payment processor to accept payment through bitcoin

BTCPay Server is a free, open source, self-deployed payment processor that enables online stores to accept payments through Bitcoin. BTCPay Server allows you to create a point of sale application, embed a payment button on your website, or send payment links to customers around the world. Easily generate and manage invoices and get notified when they are paid. BTCPay Server also allows you to manage your incoming and outgoing funds with a built-in wallet that supports most hardware wallet.

As a result, it comes with a variety of benefits to both the merchant and the customer. You are guaranteed complete control over your funds. Trustless validation, uptime and privacy. What’s more, deployment is easy and fast thanks to a high number of VPS Hosting providers.

Start by deploying a fast and secure VPS

To begin, you will need to pick a preferable subscription on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting platform. Look at it as a computer in the cloud that will allow you to employ some computing space and power at a cost.

There will be a number of VPS hosting services available, so you will just have to do some research and choose the most suitable according to your needs and finances. The prices will definitely vary depending on the operating system you are using and the amount of memory and storage you have. Generally, you will require an SSH software to connect with your VPS. Again, there are several typical applications you can use for SSH.

What's next?

Once you are successfully connected to your VPS, you will need to download the required files and set up your BTCPay server. To do this, first, install git on your system to have access to BTCPay installation files on your VPS, and then connect your BTCPay server. Note that you will be required to pay your VPS provider to keep your node online as long as you need it to. Consequently, BTCPay is an open-source nature and, therefore, completely free. Finally, once everything is complete, you can now begin to set up your BTCPay account. To register, you will need an email address and a strong password. Then, you will have to add your store by creating a new store and naming it appropriately.

Once your store is set up, on the setting tab, carefully fill in the derivation scheme box using the extended public key on your wallet. Take your time and make sure all details are correct since any mistakes made here will affect the access to your Bitcoin funds. You don’t want that.

All done? Next, all you have to do create an invoice once a bitcoin client visits your store. On the top left menu, click on invoices, create a new invoice, fill in the necessary text boxes and once you are done, checkout. To allow the client to make the payment, present the point of sale to the buyer and complete the transaction.

Why use BTCPay server vs. others

So you might wonder, among all the other Bitcoin payment processing options available, why choose BTCPay server? Well, here is why. First off, the BTCPay server is free of charge. That’s right, merchants do not have to worry about making transactions, subscriptions, or processing costs. It is fully open-source and all payments will be made directly, peer to peer. Therefore, saving enough to cater for other essential necessities of the store. What’s more, BTCPay is decentralized so anyone can deploy a server. Whether you opt for a self-hosted payment processor or wish to help your friends and community with the payment processing, the choice is yours. It will also be wise to remember that the amount of stores you can attach to a single BTCPay server is unlimited. Payments are made directly, no data is shared. What’s more, you will not have to put up long waiting hours for a merchant to receive payment so that they can send a confirmation. The process is made quick and easy for both the merchant and the customer. 

Among the other usual features standard in different servers, the BTCPay server comes with the following unique features:

BTCPay server allows a series of integrations like WordPress and WooComerce, Drupal, Magneto, Prestashop and other Custom integration.

Payment requests
Dealers can create and send long-lived invoices requesting payments from their clients wherever they are.

BTCPay server also makes it possible to set donation goals and subsequently raise funds.

Conversions capabilities
This allows the server to be completely free and available for anyone to use. However, it may come as a challenge to the dealer, especially if business costs will require fiat. All in all, conversions are still possible manually since dealers are always the owners of their private keys.

This allows rapid bitcoin micro-transactions using the lightning network.

To further preserve the privacy of all transactions, BTCPay is turning to PayJoin, also known as P2EP.

Formed from a workshop organized by Blockstream in 2018, Pay To EndPoint was born to ensure enhanced privacy and fungibility in Bitcoin. This was after a thorough evaluation of the existing bitcoin privacy technologies like CoinJoin and concluding they were all not so private after all. Intending to provide financial sovereignty for everyone, Payjoin comes in handy by breaking blockchain analysis heuristics. In fact, according to Blockstream Chief Strategy, if enough wallets and businesses would support P2EP, then it would be possible to achieve widespread financial privacy. It is also imperative to note P2EP comes in as a unique form of CoinJoin that will not require any protocol-level changes. It instead makes use of the existing capabilities of Bitcoin to implement privacy-boosting transactions. The good news is that now, thousands of merchants have the ability to receive PayJoin transactions. P2EP provides security not only for the merchant but also for the client, providing a two-way privacy. It reduces Blockchain bloat, which enables the receiver to use P2EP to consolidate its UTXO set, reducing the UXTO bloat on the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike CoinJoin transactions, P2EP transactions do not require any obvious fingerprints meaning even minimal adoption of P2EP grants good privacy.


Bitcoin shown good potential having crossed a historic moment. As a result, this has propelled many, including D-central, to strive and become an expert in the space. Particularly in the Canadian community, D-central hopes to make available a range of services and resources in the area. Specifically specialized in Bitcoin, the company  will offer a cost-effective virtual machine offering where people can deploy their BTCPay instance. The system will soon launch on our website and visitors are invited to use our virtual machine to deploy BTCPay servers and enjoy the services. We will also be offering consulting and support services to help you accept bitcoin using BTCPay.

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