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How we offer the best ASIC mining repair service

Our repair processes

01. Reception
We receive your equipment, open a ticket so that you can follow your repairs in real time and we apply several labels to your components to ensure unparalleled follow-up.
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02. Disassembly
We disassemble your miners and werun all repaired hashboards through our ultrasonic cleaning process.
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03. Diagnostic
We use state-of-the-art tools dedicated to diagnosing ASIC miners to find any errors.
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04. Repairs
Following the diagnosis, our qualified technicians will replace the defective chips and components in order to restore your machine to its original state or even better.
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05. Quality Control
We test your machines after repair through a quality control process in which we stress the machine.
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Want to learn our processes for your business?

Our transparency extends beyond the demonstration of our repair processes. We offer free educational content on our YouTube channel. You can also join us for a one-on-one consultation via video conference, to outsource our technicians to your facilities, or for an entire course at our offices. Our classroom can accommodate up to 8 people at a time with training from Monday through Friday.

Our Expertise

Mining rigs can be relatively complex to operate and maintain. We stand behind our customers and products by offering this reliable and comprehensive mining rig maintenance service.


Our trainings

When your miner goes down, it hurts your overall investment and prevents you from earning cryptocurrency. Get your staff trained with the best repair team in North America.


Our documents

We have proprietary documentation, troubleshooting and more to support your mining team with all their repair needs.


Our outsourcing

Our technicians are available to go on-site, to your facilities, train your team, and do your repairs on-site.


You are missing something? Not sure what you need? Regardless, contact us so our excellent support team can help you. Leave us your contact details so we can contact you as soon as possible.


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