Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: A Detailed Comparison of the Two

If you are looking for a way to use your money to make money, you are thinking about quality investments. Two possible investments include cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, and real estate, a physical asset. Both Bitcoin and real estate have their benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, how can you decide which one is right for you. […]

The Different Bitcoin Mining Attacks Explained

Did you know that there’s a new cyberattack that happens nearly every 39 seconds? Hackers have become so advanced in their prowling. This has even resulted in the US government set up a cybersecurity budget of approximately $15 billion. While this information sounds fascinating, you should remember a few things if it’s the first time […]

Bitcoin blockchain security: nodes or miners?

Learning the lingo and how the blockchain provides security can help you understand why it provides better security than most computer networks. First, let’s look at the basic structure of a blockchain, then we’ll define nodes, mining, and miners. Before blockchains, you would store information on servers owned or leased by your organization. For example, […]

Quantum Computers Cannot Mine Bitcoin More Efficiently…But

Because the cryptocurrency market has grown significantly during the past few years, many traditional economic analysts are trying to create fear about the future of cryptocurrency. The latest example is fear that quantum computers could eventually break the cryptocurrency market, or Bitcoin, specifically. So, can these quantum computers spell doomsday for the cryptocurrency market? The […]

How To Prevent And Recover From ASIC Viruses And Remote Attacks

As technology advances and mining farms become more complex, one thing that remains the same is the threat of new viruses. You would be surprised to find out how many mining farms have fallen prey to these malicious attacks. Not only is this type of cyber attack annoying, but it can also lead to huge […]

Bitcoin is a currency for everyone

Odds are at some point or other over the past ten years or so, you have heard the word Bitcoin. Odds also are that you feel you have a basic idea of what it is and perhaps not a full-scale knowledge. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. That is where the knowledge of the average person often […]

BM1397 AD/AF/AG/AH/AI – Antminer 17 Series Chip Replacement Guide

ASIC miners have become the leading cryptocurrency mining tools with high hashrates and power consumption ratios. This hardware concentrates many ASIC chips on a printed circuit board. Its name is “Hashboard.” Depending on the model, a hashboard will contain dozens of ASIC chips. They are similar to those of a computer. A mining machine typically […]

How long does bitcoin take to send

As Bitcoin becomes a more dominant monetary feature in our society, one of the most common questions asked is how long does it take to send bitcoin? We’ll discuss that factor in this post along with some other dynamics to create a full picture response. With more and more people adopting Bitcoin into their […]

Bitcoin ASIC Supremacy: It’s all about efficiency

For a very long time the Bitcoin mining, especially ASIC manufacturers, have reported the energy efficiency of the mining machines. There are several mining Hardware companies, and each company makes different types of ASIC hardware to explore the efficiency in a better way of mining bitcoin; when the ASIC hardware becomes more energy-efficient, the […]

How to buy bitcoin with cheap to no fees

More and more Bitcoin has become weaved into the fabric of our society, and it’s not showing any signs of regressing. Though Bitcoin has many favorable benefits, one of the main complaints is the fees attached to obtaining Bitcoin. For the most part, the fees are understandable and even necessary. However, there are ways […]

The new race for Bitcoin mining hardware

Today the mining rig market is getting hotter due to the increased number of current miners seeking ways to expand their operations and increase their profits. And, also the new miners are seeking to secure a slice of the new Lucrative mining conditions. We know that when the bitcoin price shoots, everything else in […]

Bitcoin ASIC Provisioning and Mining Guide

The thought of starting a crypto mining operation can be thrilling and exhilarating. However, it is really not for the faint of heart because of all of the components that need to come together. Having the right knowledge about investment, research, resource, and equipment can either make or break your endeavour. Choosing the Right […]

Complete list of Bitcoin ASIC Management Software

Those of us who have been in the mining game for some time now understand how things have changed and how they will probably continue to change. To be on the cusp of understanding the changes can mean that you are more profitable, or just barely getting by. This guide and review will help to […]

Energy to Hashrate Explained

Bitcoin can be useful in sending and receiving money; unfortunately, it is not created for free. The community of computer-based miners who create bitcoins is known to use vast amounts of electricity in the process. The extreme power consumption has led some experts to suggest that bitcoin mining isn’t environment friendly. According to the […]

Why Proof of Stake Is Less Secure Than Proof of Work

The main difference is that the proof of stake is typically distributed records or ledgers that remove the proof of work element. When one subtracts the proof of work, it removes the most objective physical proof source—making the proof of stake more subjective. Always remember that the proof of work is the actual physical and […]

Know the Threats to Your Bitcoins

Virtual currency is spreading faster and becoming popular globally, and it might become a monetary exchange of choice in the future. Trading goods and services online using a virtual global currency is a potential technique that could accelerate international commerce and lessen national currency complications. Bitcoin’s value has been fluctuating over time and has been […]

The Bitcoin ASIC supply chain bottleneck

Bitcoin first appeared in January 2009 after the real estate market crashed. It was a bizarre idea by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency is traded in bitcoin exchanges, which allow people to buy and sell bitcoin using various currencies. In 2013, bitcoin miners began using computers specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency. One of the computers used was […]

Why Run a Bitcoin Mining Operation When You Can Just Purchase Bitcoins Instead?

The world of cryptocurrency is growing quickly. Even though there are lots of options for digital currency, one of the most popular is Bitcoin. As the first currency payment method, it is now used for various transactions worldwide. Even though the Bitcoin network is verified using a system of network nodes, there are lots of […]

The Economics of The Bitcoin Hash Rate

The bitcoin network first came into existence on the first week of January 2009 by one Satoshi Nakamoto. It was not the first cryptocurrency but it certainly has risen to be at the forefront of the industry. Bitcoin is an intriguing computing paradigm that utilizes dedicated hardware to abstract out communications, storage, and computing. Without […]

Identifying your ASIC miners issues and how to fix them?

ASIC is a short word for Application-specific integrated circuit. ASIC is a device designed for one purpose of digital mining currency only, and it runs complicated calculations searching for a unique number. In proof of work systems like bitcoin rewards, the first person to find the number. All of this work does not happen alone. […]

Can We Bruteforce a Bitcoin Private Key?

A bitcoin private key is what allows you to access the Bitcoin associated with a particular address. Once you know the private key, you’re able to access all of the money within an account, whether it is yours or not. Using brute force, can you obtain a Bitcoin private key? It’s possible, but it’s time-consuming […]

The global Bitcoin race has begun

Up until now, Bitcoin has been known as a digital currency and investment for individuals. However, the year 2020 marks a significant change in how Bitcoin is being used as an investment asset. For the first time, companies are starting to get in on the potentials of Bitcoin. Business strategy and tech company MicroStrategy has […]

Bitcoin and the many virtual worlds

In October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The article laid out the essential principles that defined Bitcoin as a product and developed an electronic system that eliminated the need for a central authority to have safe and verifiable transactions. Through public-key encryption, a level of trust was built […]

What are Bitcoin Mixers?

Bitcoin has been around for a while now. Being the primary cryptocurrency on the market, one of the things people have loved is that it was hard to trace back to anyone’s identity. It is possible though Bitcoin addresses can be traced back to a particular user, and that is why Bitcoin Mixers have come […]

The Amazing Increase in Speed of ASIC Miners

With the halving of Bitcoin reached again, there was no question that miners needed to speed up. If miners could not keep up with the increased competition, they would be eliminated by default. The SHA256 hashrate expectations have continued to push application-specific integrated circuits development faster. Both 2019 and 2020 have seen some amazing breakthroughs, […]

How to mine bitcoins with your Litecoin Mining Hardware

It’s no secret that Litecoin’s mining profitability has fallen dramatically over the past two years. One likely phenomenon is that we’ve seen a significant loss of Litecoin against traditional currencies and Bitcoin. As a result, many mining facilities find themselves struggling with Scrypt mining equipment, unplugged, rather than mining Litecoin at a loss. This has […]

How to Encrypt Messages with PGP

Technological advancement has opened new avenues for hackers. Today, people are very insecure about sending private messages as they are unsure of security. Are you wondering about the best method to send a private message? There are numerous ways, but the most popular encryption method in this digital era is PGP technology. What is encryption? […]

Bitcoin, deflation and the coming monetary renegotiation

Critics of Bitcoin claim that while inflation is bad, the alternative is much worse, deflation. While falling prices are commonly referred to as deflation, deflation formally decreases the supply of money or monetary substitutes. Deflation is not a fall in prices per se, but a monetary phenomenon that sometimes lowers prices. In this sense, Bitcoin […]

What Is the Bitcoin Block Size Limit?

Raoul Pal, a former Goldman Sachs manager, believes that BTC will be worth $1 million in three years, as outlined in his Global Macro Investor guide. With so many factors now like COVID-19, it doesn’t seem like Bitcoin block size and blocks weight matters. Wrong. Block size and weight control how many transactions can go through and […]

Governance challenge: Decentralized consensus

Bitcoin Independence Day is one of the most critical days in decentralized consensus and may be one reason people use Bitcoin compared to many other cryptocurrencies. The concept of decentralized consensus essentially makes Bitcoin the ‘People’s Money.’ Here is a brief account of this concept and what it means to you as a Bitcoin user. […]