Custom Mining Firmware: Antminer Aftermarket Firmware Overview

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While most of the attention usually goes to overclocking, a practice that maximizes hashrate but decreases ASIC lifespan, auto-tuning firmware can also be extremely useful for Antminer S17 owners and Antminer S19 who wish to optimize their profitability per watt of energy consumed and increase their ASIC lifetime at the same time. There seems to be a lot behind what this means, and there is. Whereas since mining has become part of our culture, firmware is an area overlooked by miners. This is not a subject that miners were supposed to discuss or know about in any way; it is usually left to the technicians. However, nothing stays the same in this industry. Things are always moving forward and changing rapidly. It is essential now that miners understand how the firmware works.

In this short explain down for you some of the key features and benefits that make having firmware a part of your mne absolutely necessary. Be on the cutmore significantge for greater results and longer-term results.

Understanding the History of Firmware

It was back in 2011 when CK brought to the forefront the launch of CGminer. This was made as an open-source ASIC miner and it stormed the industry becoming a standard that many miners used in their operations. As time moved forward, ASIC manufacturers modified the firmware to their liking. Even to this day, there are new developments aons in the mix.

Eventually, the CGminer became obsolete as there were no new developments and became outdated. While they were down on their game ASICseer, VNish and Braiins jumped on the opportunity to create more updated and custom firmware for the ASIC industry.

Why use a custom mining firmware?

The overwhelming success of Bitcoin has made it very appealing for banks, businesses, and even governments to want to bring Bitcoin into more mainstream usage. That fact alone should guarantee its long-term success and a bright future. As long as Bitcoin itself is in such great demand, there is no doubt that Bitcoin mining will also be going strong because mining guarantees that Bitcoin transactions will be validated and eventually become part of the decentralized blockchain.

However, all the most successful Bitcoin mining operations are obliged to take advantage of those areas where electrical energy is available cheaply since mining muan immensen a very large scale to be profitable, and only areas of cheap electricity can provide the power needs for a successful mining operation.

Another huge factor in making a successful Bitcoin minhastion is having the ability to squeeze out as much efficiency from every single ASIC miner in yoToe. In order to do that, you’ll be obliged to install cstom firmware,d possibly to take advantage of other efficiency technologies such as immersion cooling, auto-tuning, and increasing power efprofit marginrgin of profit for your mining operation may be so close sometimes that having these efficiencies in place can be the difference between andofitability or staying at the break-even point.

When you’re only using a manufacturer’s stock firmware, you have no control over tweaking thimpacte an impact on efficiency. The ASIC firmware that comes with your machine is what you’re obliged to use forever, or at least untu decide that you need more control over things. withen you do have custom firmware installed, you’ll have to be careful that any tweaks you make don’t cause a corresponding downturn of efficiency in some other area. For instance, you might improve hash rate, but at the expense of faster component burnout or degradation.

The Timing for Underclocking and Overclocking

Custom firmware allchooseave the choice between underclocking and overclocking in the ASIC operation.

The great thing is that both options are great, but it depends on where the mimining journeyrney of mining. The technofs that go into mining and what a miner chooses will determine whether overclock or underclock will work best. One example would be that ifixed electricity costs,, that is fixed then overclocking would be the best option. This also depends upon if they have low-cost energy at theircombinel and combined that with getting the highest level hashrate.

Typically speaking it is the underclocking that drives the increase of profit margins. As opposed to, the overclock it focuses on the top line revenue aspect. Underclocking allows the miners to extract as many extra efficiencies out of their miners as possible.

An example of that would be an Ant. When S17 ASIC when it gets close to the point, of break-evemost incredibles the greatest opportunity to use the underclock method because it brings it up to a more profThat In fact, that particular miner can bring the level of efficiency up to 30% sovaluables.

Most useful features of custom firmware

Most miners have found two features that provide the biggest bang for the buck: overclocking and underclocking. Overclocking amounts to speeding up your ASIC miner’s internal clock, so it works faster than it would normally. This can lead to greater productivity, but it also puts components at greater risk of burnout or failure. If your operation has access to great cheap electricity, overclocking can be highl advantageous, because this will help you to achieve the maximum hash rOnderclocking on thunderclocking e other hand, is a process that is more focused on increasing profits, so by doing some chip tuning and underclocking, you’ll be able to get more efficiency from your ASIC machiseveralre a number of other features provided by custom firmware that you can take advantage of in an attempt to make your operation more profitable:

  • Power monitoring – most custom firmware includes a built-in watt.meter function
  • Autotuning – auto-tuning the frequency can result in considerable gains. in efficiency
  • ASIC virus scannercustom firmware usually includes a tool that automatically scans for known variants of current viruses
  • Stability – you can achieve greater hashboard stability and increased performance by making use of the automated voltage capability
  • Fan disabling/immersion cooling – by using immersion cooling, you can prolong the life of your ASIC components, and to do this, it will be necessary to disable the fans
  • Full deployment – with custom firmware, you’ll have the ability to broadcast configuration files to as many different miners as you want, provided they’re all on the same network. You also won’t have to reboot them all in order to get this done.
  • Lower thermal threshold – your machine life can be extended by taking advantage of the default overheating protection, which you can lower to a more desirable setting.

Above, you’ll find some of the most pressing reasons for installing custom firmware on your ASIC machines, as opposed to running with whatever stock firmware is supplied by the manufacturer. If you’re a new miner just starting out, you’re probably better off to stick with the stock firmware to start with. After you’ve been running a while, and you spot opportunities for increasing efficiency or saving money, that will be the time you should consider installing custom firmware.

When you do reach that point, you’ll have plenty of options to consider, since there are some very good firmware packages made available these days. The one that’s best for you will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and how you want to go about it. To get any of the firmware packages described below, you’ll basically have to download the software and upgrade your machine, then begin experimenting with each of the provided features.

Products Currently on The Market

Braiins OS
Cutting-edge firmware with an implementation of Stratum V2 and mining software written from scratch in Rust language. Increase hashrate on your Bitcoin ASICs, improve efficiency as much as 25%, and get 0% pool fees on Slush Pool. It features per-chip frequency auto-tuning increases hashrate while maintaining optimal power consumption. Each device’s results will vary depending on the quality of the silicon and the cooling conditions. You can make your Antminer S17 or your Antminer S19 more profitable by configuring auto-tuning to undervolt each of your chips, minimizing power consumption, and keeping it more profitable. Braiins OS+ allows you to batch configure and monitor all your devices remotely over the internet.

For more than 3 years, the VNISH team has been developing firmware for Antminer ASICs. At the moment you can download firmware for Antminer S19, S19A, S19A pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro-bb, S19pro-a-bb, S19pro, S19pro-a, S19i, S19+, T19, S17+, T17+, S17, S17pro, T17, S9, S9i, S9j, T9+, L3+, L3++, Innosilicon T2Tz. To go along with this Antminer custom firmware, there’s also a free ASIC management platform he developed called Anthill. Compared to the stock firmware from Bitmain, VNish firmware has a huge functionality that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your ASICs and increase the profitability of your equipment by up to 50%.

Here’s another one from Eastern Europe. This firmware has yet to achieve popularity in North America. However, they have a great partnership with Hive OS. They support several models, they have software called ASIC Hub which allows you to better monitor your machines and possibly extend the warranty. MSKMiner via Hive OS is a great pair that will get the most out of your machine


The latest OEM Antminer firmware is Bitmain’s firmware, which can be used to help eliminate breakdowns associated with overclocking. By using this firmware in your ASIC mining operation, you’ll be able to avoid risks while also mining with values anticipated by the manufacturer. You’ll have to restore the Antminer using firmware stored on an SD card and then update the firmware through a web interface with the image provided. With overclocking, you can definitely get more out of your ASIC miner, but you run the risk of damaging components with increased heat and energy consumption.

VNish currently has a stranglehold on being the most popular aftermarket firmware in existence, and that fact is not expected to change anytime in the near future. The Vnish S19 firmware has achieved a considerable degree of notoriety for its lightning-fast startup, its auto-tuning function, and its anti-virus software which is integrated into the package. When used optimally, VNish is capable of achieving a 30% power improvement over the Antminer S19. There is also a 2.8% devfee for developers to add appeal to potential users. In order to use the VNish S19 firmware, you’ll have to restore your Antminer S19 to factory settings using the SD card issued in our download section of the website, then run VNish from the Micro SD card by inserting the SD card and powering on the unit itself.

There are others like Braiins OS+, ASICseer and more that you can further investigate to see which particular model will best fit your needs and goals. So, what do you think? Is diving into the realm of firmware something that you can vouch for as being something quite beneficial to your mining success? Since this element is no longer something that applies totally to technicians, it makes sense for everyone in the mining industry or those pondering to discover how adding firmware to the mix can make what they are doing more profitable in a shorter amount of time.

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