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Bitcoin ASIC Manuals

Mining is a rapidly changing industry. It becomes tough and time-consuming to navigate this space. Each of the makers makes their tools on their own and shares the files you need in complicated ways, where you have to navigate multiple pages before you reach your goal. D-Central simplifies your task and acts as a guardian of these files. We offer all the necessary files in one place, so you’ll never be confused. We also provide our developments and those of verified third parties. Let our support team know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Bitmain Antminer Manuals

Various Models

Antminer L3+
Antminer S9
Antminer S15
Antminer DR5
Antminer D7
Antminer D7

17 Series

Antminer T17
Antminer S17
Antminer T17+
Antminer S17+
Antminer T17e
Antminer S17e

19 Series

Antminer S19
Antminer S19 Pro
Antminer S19j

Innosilicon Mining Manuals

Innosilicon/DragonMint T1
Innosilicon T2/T2T
Innosilicon T3/T3+
Innosilicon A4/A6
Innosilicon A10

MicroBT Whatsminer Manuals

Whatsminer M20/M20S
Whatsminer M21/M21S
Whatsminer M30/M30S
Whatsminer M31/M31S
Whatsminer M32

Canaan Avalon Manuals


Power supply Manuals



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