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Home Bitcoin Mining with Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner

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Bitcoin mining has gained significant traction as an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, contributing to the network’s security and decentralization. Braiins, a prominent player in the Bitcoin mining industry, has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation with their hardware and software solutions. Renowned for their BraiinsOS+ firmware, Braiins has now introduced the BMM100 Mini Miner, aimed at making home mining accessible and efficient. Despite some limitations and missed opportunities, this product marks another milestone in Braiins’ journey of mining advancements.

Overview of Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner is designed for home Bitcoin mining, offering a compact, efficient, and user-friendly solution. This miner operates silently, making it ideal for residential use, and consumes low power, with a base consumption of 40W that can be overclocked to 55W. Despite its small size, it delivers a hashrate of 1 TH/s. The Mini Miner is priced at $199 and is available in a limited first batch of fewer than 100 units

Technical Specifications

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner is packed with impressive hardware features designed for efficient Bitcoin mining at home. Below is a detailed listing of its specifications:

  • Hashrate: 1 TH/s
  • Power Consumption: 40W (overclockable to 55W)
  • Firmware: BraiinsOS+ pre-installed
  • Connectivity: Ethernet interface

These specifications ensure that the Mini Miner delivers solid performance while maintaining low power consumption and ease of use.

Performance and Efficiency

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner, powered by BraiinsOS+ firmware, is designed to optimize mining efficiency and performance. While Braiins claims the device uses 19 series chips, possibly T19 BIN chips, there are concerns that its actual performance resembles that of 17 series chips. This has led to doubts about its true energy efficiency. Despite these performance questions, the miner’s launch was a success, with a significant number of units sold on the first day, indicating strong market interest.

BraiinsOS+ enhances the Mini Miner’s efficiency, offering precise control over power consumption and hashrate. The miner operates at 1 TH/s with a base power consumption of 40W, which can be overclocked to 55W.

*It has since been confirmed Braiins is using the BM1362AC chips.

Installation and Usability

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner

  1. Unbox the Miner: Carefully remove the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner and all its components from the packaging.
  2. Connect the Ethernet Cable: Plug the Ethernet cable into the miner and connect the other end to your router or network switch.
  3. Power Up: Connect the power supply to the miner and plug it into a power outlet.
  4. Initial Setup: Access the miner’s interface through your web browser by entering the IP address assigned by your router.
  5. Configure Settings: Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the BraiinsOS+, including setting up your mining pool and performance preferences.
  6. Start Mining: Once configured, start the mining operation through the interface.

Plug-and-Play Design

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner is designed for ease of use, making it a perfect choice for home environments. Its plug-and-play functionality means you can set it up without technical expertise, allowing for a hassle-free start to your mining operations. Simply connect the necessary cables, configure the settings, and you are ready to mine.

Silent Operation and Minimal Heat Generation

One of the standout features of the BMM100 Mini Miner is its silent operation, producing minimal noise, making it ideal for residential use. Additionally, the miner is designed to generate minimal heat, ensuring it does not disrupt the comfort of your home environment. This makes it an excellent choice for hobbyists and those new to Bitcoin mining who are looking for an efficient and unobtrusive device.

Use Cases and Applications

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner is perfect for home-based Bitcoin mining setups. Its compact size and low noise levels make it ideal for residential environments where space and quiet operation are essential.

The Mini Miner caters to hobbyists and newcomers to Bitcoin mining by offering a simple, plug-and-play setup. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward configuration make it accessible for those without extensive technical knowledge.

Using the Mini Miner supports decentralized mining by enabling more individuals to participate in the Bitcoin network. By distributing mining power across numerous small-scale miners, the network becomes more resilient and secure against centralization. The Mini Miner’s low power consumption and ease of use further encourage widespread adoption, contributing to a more decentralized and robust Bitcoin ecosystem.

Pricing and Availability

The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner is available for $199, providing an affordable entry point for home Bitcoin miners. A limited first batch of fewer than 100 units was released at the BTC Prague event, highlighting its exclusivity.

To purchase or pre-order the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner, visit the Braiins hardware page. Additionally, D-Central Technologies will facilitate the distribution of this miner, ensuring wider availability and support for enthusiasts. Be sure to secure your unit early due to the limited supply.

Comparative Analysis

The Bitaxe series, particularly the Bitaxe Supra and Bitaxe Hex, excels in both energy efficiency and performance. The Bitaxe Supra, utilizing the BM1368 ASIC chip, delivers up to 625+ GH/s with an energy efficiency of 17.5 J/TH. The Bitaxe Hex stands out with an impressive hashrate of 3 TH/s for just 60W, which translates to an energy efficiency of approximately 20 J/TH. These high efficiency levels make the Bitaxe series ideal for both solo and pool mining operations, providing substantial computational power with minimal energy consumption.

In contrast, the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner offers a more modest performance, with a hashrate of 1 TH/s and a power consumption of 40W, overclockable to 55W. Although Braiins claims the BMM100 uses 19 series chips, its performance suggests closer alignment with 17 series chips, raising concerns about energy efficiency. This discrepancy implies that the BMM100 may not fully meet the energy efficiency standards expected from 19 series chips, making it less efficient compared to the Bitaxe series.

Open Source vs. Closed Source

A key distinction between the Bitaxe and the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner lies in their approach to open-source technology. The Bitaxe series embraces an open-source philosophy, with both hardware and firmware available for community modification and improvement. This approach encourages innovation and allows users to tailor their mining setups to their specific needs. The firmware, AxeOS, is fully open source, promoting transparency and user empowerment.

In contrast, the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner operates on BraiinsOS+, which, while initially open source, has shifted to a closed-source model. This change restricts user modifications and enhancements, reducing transparency and community involvement. Additionally, the BMM100’s hardware is not open source, further limiting customization opportunities. This closed-source approach contrasts sharply with the Bitaxe’s philosophy and represents a missed opportunity for further decentralization in the Bitcoin mining space.


The Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner offers several key benefits for home Bitcoin miners. Its compact size and silent operation make it ideal for residential use, providing a user-friendly and unobtrusive mining experience. The plug-and-play design ensures easy setup, making it accessible for beginners and hobbyists alike. Additionally, the integration of BraiinsOS+ firmware optimizes performance and enhances the efficiency of the mining process, despite some concerns about the actual chip performance and closed source firmware and hardware.

Discover how the Braiins BMM100 Mini Miner can enhance your home mining setup and join the growing community of Bitcoin micro-miners today.

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