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Hosted Bitcoin Miners

For the impatient who want to start mining after the purchase

Start mining bitcoin immediately

D-Central makes it easy to get started with Bitcoin mining with a full turnkey service that takes you from the start of your discovery to your mature mining operation. Bitcoin is a terribly fast moving market, therefore, some miners want their mining to grow as quickly as possible. This is what our hosted miners services offer you.

No need to wait months for material availability, in addition to waiting weeks for delivery. D-Central has connected machines ready to start mining for you. From the moment you make the purchase, we have a maximum of 24 hours to transfer to the pool of your choice. When the accommodation with us ends, you pick up the machine. It is yours.

We have the Newest Miners Ready to Hash

We have a full line of machines ready to host. To get started, all you have to do is go to our portal, create your account and then launch your hosting package online. Then go to our online store, buy your machine and insert your customer code in the place indicated during the purchase. A member of our team will give you your serial number and transfer the pool within a maximum of 24 hours.

More information on our hosting plans

You can find more information about our hosting plans by following the link below. Our plans are the same whether you buy the machines from D-Central or not. However, you will not have any installation costs when the machine is purchased from D-Central as it is already installed and ready to use. It will also save you time, which can be a fair amount if Bitcoin prices go up.

Do you need help with your Bitcoin business?

We are more than a mining facility; we are your mining partners. Whether you're an amateur or a professional miner, our goal is to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most efficient ASIC mining solutions.